Rambo the Yorkie, as his name suggests, is one tough puppy.

The 9-month-old dog waited patiently for two days for his owner,  truck driver Michael Siau, to arrive at a Hannibal, Mo., rest stop to pick him up after he escaped from the truck. Siau took a bathroom break at the rest stop when Rambo the Yorkie leaped out of the truck.

 Didn't even cross my mind that he might jump out, he never has before, Siau told the Hannibal Courier-Post. I jumped back in the truck, put it in gear and drove off. And I just thought he was in the back asleep.

Michael Siau had driven his truck nearly 170 miles away from Hannibal, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, when he realized Rambo the Yorkie wasn't in the truck.

Siau's mind then went into overdrive, thinking of how he Rambo could have escaped. That's when he thought about the Hannibal rest stop and his bathroom break.

I was freaking out. I had to calm down and think about how he could have possibly gotten out, the truck driver told the Courier-Post. And it came to me that was the only time that I could have got out and I wouldn't have seen him. I was just sure he was there.

Siau then contacted the proper authorities and Rambo the Yorkie was waiting for him Sunday, two days after the incident.

The reunion may between Siau and Rambo the Yorkie may have never happened.

Hannibal animal control officer Tim Ledbetter said a family that patronized the rest stop considered adopting Rambo, figuring he was lost.

In about 60 seconds, he would have been gone, Ledbetter said, the Associated Press reported.

Dogs have always been a part of Siau's professional life, with Rambo's father, Ollie, accompanying Siau in his truck before he was run over and killed. Ollie's death was so devastating to Siau that he took six months off for work.

Rambo the Yorkie was originally supposed to be a companion for Siau's daughter, but she gave the dog to her dad to cheer him up.