Rapper Chris Brown is frustrated because he has been stuck in the Philippines since Thursday night. Immigration officials prevented Brown from leaving the Southeast Asian country because authorities are investigating a fraud complaint against him and his promoter.

Iglesia ni Cristo, or Church of Christ, a politically powerful church group or the country, lodged a complaint against the R&B singer and his promoter, John Michael Pio Roda. The group claims that Brown failed to show up to a New Year's Eve concert in 2014, despite being paid in full for a $1 million contract, The Associated Press reported, according to NBC News.

The dispute stems from Brown's cancelation of a concert at the Philippine Arena, which is owned by the Iglesia ni Cristo religious group. The group claims that Brown said he couldn't come to perform at the show due to passport issues. The website also writes that, though no official charges have been pressed against Brown, the religious group demands the intervention of the Department of Justice in this case. The rapper is not allowed to leave the country until immigration officials conduct an investigation in the matter.

“Brown had not yet applied for the clearance required to leave the country,” the immigration bureau's spokeswoman, Elaine Tan, told the website. Brown is upset and expressed his ire through Twitter. “I have nothing to do with anything going on right now,” the singer wrote on Twitter, adding that he came back to Manila, Philippines, “to do a make up show for New Year's.” His show was held on July 21.

“This is a very serious situation, and someone needs to be held accountable for mixing my name up in all this. I've done nothing wrong!!!” he said in another tweet. The singer was also supposed to perform in Hong Kong on Thursday, but he was unable to as he was stuck in Manila. Brown's concert troubles did not end here. The singer also canceled another concert, scheduled for Saturday in Jakarta, Indonesia, due to “safety concerns.”

Brown also vented out his frustration on Instagram by uploading a video, where he asks, "Can somebody please tell me what the f--- is going on?" The 26-year-old singer later deleted the video.