George Moss was a little-known rapper -- until he posted a candid photo on Facebook showing him washing his wife's breast-feeding equipment. The picture has since gone viral, and Moss has been gaining new fans who want to listen to his music.

“If you ever wonder what rappers do when they get offstage, they clean breast pumps for their wives so their baby can eat,” the 32-year-old rapper wrote about the Facebook photo, jokingly adding the hashtag #thuglife. The photo shows Moss taking a selfie in his bathroom while holding his wife’s breast pump attachments as two bottles lie on the sink. The photo was reportedly taken after a rap performance.

After the Facebook post, the “Go Hard or Go Home” rapper rose to sudden fame with moms and others who support breast-feeding. The picture gained more than 40,000 likes and comments from people who admired him for helping his wife. “I think this is awesome way to support your wife and help!!!‬” writes Beth Horseman in the comments section of his page. “Women on the breast-feeding groups have been talking about you all day -- a new hero!‬” writes another new fan, Holly Blanton.

Following his sudden fame on the Internet, the rapper again took to his Facebook page to post an intimate photo of his wife, Michelle, breast-feeding their son Judah. “Although I appreciate the love, likes and kind words … it’s absolutely crazy that this all happened because I washed a couple bottles,” he writes. “If anyone should get the credit it should be people like my wife!”

The rapper admired his wife, saying that she “amazes” him because she continues to feed their son despite the many challenges of motherhood, like a lack of sleep. “It’s women like her and all of the other BFing mommas (a term I just learned about today) out there that make the world a better place to live!” he writes.

Moss also pointed out the lack of support he sees from other dads.“I am sincerely blown away that more guys don’t support their women and children with #breastfeeding,” he writes, adding that he is “a little saddened to realize how few men (or better put, ‘males’) don’t do the simplest task like washing a bottle.”