Rapper OG Maco recently got wind of stories claiming he is currently battling HIV and he's not happy. The "U Guessed It" rapper took to Twitter to clear the air about his health after reportedly losing a friend. OG Maco has some choice words for the person spreading these vicious lies about him.

In a single tweet the Atlanta native assured his followers that he is free of any and all "degenerative or deadly diseases." OG Maco then wished his hater a happy holiday season, calling the rumors being spread about him "irresponsible and cruel." Despite taking the time to respond to the rumors the rapper said he and his people were not bothered and would not be shaken by such behavior. It remains unclear whether or not he knows the person spreading these false claims or not.

"I lost my homie yesterday and now this bulls--t. Pray for the world," OG Maco tweeted alongside a screenshot that read: "Despite the vicious rumors, I am in fine health and have no degenerative or deadly diseases. My best holiday wishes to the person spreading this irresponsible and cruel rumor throughout social media, but know we are unmoved and will not falter in the face such cowardly and underhanded tactics."

According to reports from XXL, the stories began surfacing about OG Maco's health after a thread appeared on Reddit in which a user asked if he had AIDS or HIV. The query was based on an audio file titled "Possibly OG Maco admitting he's dying?" uploaded on YouTube Tuesday. It has not been confirmed that the man speaking in the video, who can be heard saying "I'm dying, slow," is OG Maco. There is also a female voice in the audio who can be heard begging the man to visit a hospital. He refuses out of fear that he'll be sent to prison. The Reddit thread speculated that the man believed to be OG Maco had infected two other people, which is a crime. 

The audio clip can be heard below: