Fans of the creepy ABC Family show “Ravenswood” can finally give their bitten-down nails a break and officially get some of their aching questions answered when episode 10, “My Haunted Heart,” airs on Tuesday, Feb. 4, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Are you curious to find out what will go down when the winter finale of season 1 airs? Well, we’ve got all the spoilers you could ever want here—including the leaked synopsis of the highly anticipated season finale.

According to the finale synopsis, “Caleb is thrown when his Rosewood ex Hanna shows up." And we’re not going to lie—we were a bit shocked to hear that news, too. But then again, wasn’t it inevitable that the “Pretty Little Liars” star would eventually find out what her former boyfriend was up to in the spooky town of Ravenswood?

“He ended things and wanted to end them on a pretty serious note so that she was hurt that she didn’t follow him,” Tyler Blackburn, who plays Caleb on the hit show, explained to Huffington Post. But Hanna, for some reason, can’t seem to avoid trouble and decided to pack her bags for Ravenswood. When Hanna arrives in the foggy town, “Caleb finally has to clue [her] in to some of what has been happening in” the haunted town, which is when she learns what really happened to Miranda. Initially, the “Pretty Little Liars” star hitched her way down to Ravenswood to speak to Miranda about “stealing” her man away. That’s when Caleb hits her with some pretty heavy news.

“Obviously she finds the whole story a little unbelievable. However, one fact that she does know is that Miranda has passed away and the other details are sort of left up to her own opinion,” Blackburn admitted.

Ravenswood Season 1 Winter Finale Who will Caleb chose in the season 1 winter finale of "Ravenswood"? Photo: Ravenswood

But love triangles aren’t the only things causing drama in tonight’s season finale of “Ravenswood.” According to the synopsis, Luke and Olivia will finally find out what happened to their father and who is the one behind the Ravenswood curse. And fans will be shocked when the menacing mystical creature is revealed.

“Well in the finale they actually confront the creator of the curse,” Blackburn admitted. “And that person is a very powerful entity and Caleb and his friends are just mere humans. When we were shooting that scene, there was fire and all these wind machines—it was intense! And the situation grows even more [dire] for them when their lives are compromised and they get pretty close to death.”

Ravenswood Season 1 Finale Will "The Five" finally find out who is behind Ravenswood's curse? Photo: Ravenswood

With Dillon as the henchman of the curse creator, he will definitely find himself in some trouble when walls start closing in around him. But not in as much trouble as Remy! According to the synopsis, the curly-haired journalist goes missing, which is when “The Five” begin their frantic search to find their friend. In attempts to rescue her, they are faced with “an intense showdown” that puts everyone’s lives in peril.

“All of their lives are compromised,” Blackburn confessed to Wetpaint. “Until somebody intervenes and helps save the day. It’s pretty intense. We shot this one scene for 17 hours because it was so complicated. First of all, there were so many characters, and there were so many effects, too. We had fire effects and wind machines. It’s huge! So that’s the climax of the episode.”

As if we weren’t excited already, Blackburn just tipped the scale! Who do you think is the creator of the curse? Do you think “The Five” will finally put an end to it? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!