“Ravenswood” aired its midseason finale on Tuesday, and the freshman ABC Family series went out with a bang. So, what happened in episode 5, “Scared To Death”? A “Pretty Little Liars” crossover, doppelganger flashback, twin drama and so much more. We’re breaking down the top moments below

Meet Max

Miranda met her mother in episode 4, and this week she woke up cozy in her old home. But Miranda wasn’t just with her parents. They also had a guest – a little girl named Max.

Miranda’s parents reveal that they found Max playing in their yard and that they’re not sure how she got there. The one thing that they do know, though, is that she doesn’t talk (yet) and that they’re taking care of her in the meantime.

And while Max seems innocent to  Miranda, Caleb dreams of their encounter and fears for Miranda’s safety … especially after Max’s head spins around her head. The only problem? Caleb can’t find Miranda.

Doppelganger Flashback

Caleb and Miranda were together in another life, and “Ravenswood” fans finally got to see the pair in a flashback. The gang finds a note from Caleb to Miranda in Henry’s box that reveals they were madly in love and completely inseparable.

Besides the note, the gang also finds a series of photos … one featuring the room where Caleb saw Miranda. Desperate to find her and get her out of harms way, Caleb and the gang decide to pay Henry a visit in the nursing home. But before they can go visit Henry, Henry pays them a visit … at Uncle Raymond’s funeral home.

Caleb finds Henry dead and his face distorted into a look of shock. According to Uncle Raymond, Henry was “scared to death.”

With Henry unable to help them, Mrs. Grunwald ends up being a source of information. Revealing that Miranda wanted to be with family, she explains to Caleb that the room he’s looking for might be Miranda’s old home. However when Caleb pays a visit to Miranda’s childhood home he only finds an empty lot.

But did Mrs. Grunwald send him to the wrong location? Something is sketchy in the Collins household because Mrs. Grunwald warns Uncle Raymond that “Caleb is looking for Miranda” and that he needs to “do it tonight.”

Haleb Drama

Caleb’s been keeping secrets from Hanna in an effort to protect her from the Ravenswood curse. But Hanna doesn’t understand, and instead fears that Caleb’s falling for Miranda.

Telling him that he seems far away, Caleb reassures her by telling her “I love you.” Feeling better about their relationship, Hanna tells him that she wanted to surprise him and made a reservation over the weekend for Ravenswood Inn. But Caleb quickly shoots her down, instead insisting for her to make a reservation at the Applerose Inn because he’s coming home.

A Gruesome Discovery

Among the photos and letter in Henry’s box, there was also a map. With help from Dillon, Olivia discovers that the map signed by “S.L.” isn’t really a map, but a blueprint for the basement.

Remy ends up in the basement while sleepwalking and calls the rest of the group when she wakes up. They figure out that the “S.L.” stands for the old bank in town and that the basement has a secret room that’s been covered up with bricks.

While Caleb and Luke try to break through the bricks, Uncle Raymond is busy digging up Miranda’s grave. But for what? To cut another piece of Miranda’s hair to add to his collection.

Finally breaking through the brick wall, the gang makes a gruesome discovery – two mummified bodies. Doing some investigating they figure out that the pair, Thomas and Esther, had barricaded themselves in the basement. Among the bodies were more photos and another note – this time from Miranda to Caleb.

After reading the second note, the group figures out that they were not letters but wedding vows. Miranda and Caleb had been married by a ship’s captain and were killed in a boating accident with three of their friends … on their wedding day. A book in the basement further revealed that Thomas and Esther killed themselves with the hope that if they sacrificed themselves they could bring Caleb and Miranda back from the dead … and that Miranda and Caleb could reverse the curse.

Did Thomas and Esther succeed in bringing Miranda and Caleb back? Remy, Luke and Olivia seem to believe that it’s no coincidence that Miranda and Caleb look like their ancestors of the same name. But Caleb insists that it is just a coincidence, using the fact that he has a girlfriend and is in love with Hanna, not Miranda.

But the conversation moves to the backburner when they discover a photo of old Miranda in front of a house.

House Of Horrors

Luke, Remy and Olivia recognize the house and the gang quickly take off to investigate it. When they arrive they find that the house is condemned … but strangely enough has a working grandfather clock and two brand new children’s red coats (which “Pretty Little Liars” fans will recognize from the Halloween episode).

The lights flicker in the house and when Olivia turns around she discovers that one of the red coats are missing. In a flash a batch of candles light and Max appears wearing the red coat. “She didn’t bring you here,” Max tells them. “I did.”

Asking where Miranda is, Max tells the gang that “she’s waiting for you … in hell.”

While Remy, Olivia and Luke are ready to bail, Caleb insists that he’s not leaving until they find Miranda. Heading upstairs, they find Miranda in the room that Caleb’s been dreaming of. But the room is dilapidated and run down … far from the place that Miranda believes she’s been staying at with her parents.

Caleb begs Miranda to leave with them but she doesn’t want to leave her family after just finding them. However after some quick thinking, Miranda figures out that some sort of spirit has tricked her. Managing to jump out of the house safely, Caleb’s not as lucky.

Back From The Dead

The spirits in the house cause Caleb to fall from the second floor. When he wakes up he discovers that he can touch Miranda … and it’s not because she’s back from the dead.

“I think there is still time for you to go back,” Miranda tells Caleb. But Caleb insists that despite not being able to explain it, “it feels right.” However Miranda kisses him and tells him “it’s not right yet” and he reawakens in the hospital.

Who Is Dillon?

The midseason finale of “Ravenswood” ended with Uncle Raymond shocked that Remy, Luke, Olivia and Caleb are all still alive. But the major jaw dropper? The reveal that Dillon is working with Max to hurt the gang.

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