American defense contractor Raytheon and Norway’s Kongsberg Defense Systems will build Naval Strike Missiles (NSM) and launchers in the U.S. Raytheon made the announcement Wednesday, noting that that the two companies were jointly working to manufacture the Joint Strike Missile and National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems.

While the final assembly, integration and test of NSM will be done at its Tucson, Arizona, facility, the production of the launchers will take place in Louisville, Kentucky, according to Raytheon.

“We will assemble the missile and launchers in the same Raytheon factories where we produce many of the world's most advanced missiles and other weapons systems,” Raytheon Missile Defense Systems President Taylor Lawrence said, in a statement.

The NSM — equipped with an infrared image seeker and autonomous target recognition — is capable of destroying sea and land targets within 100 nautical miles. It is also set for use on the U.S. Navy’s littoral combat ships. The missile glides just above water level to its target.

“[It is] the world's only Fifth Generation Naval Strike Missile with Land Target capabilities for the United States and our allies,” Kongsberg Defense Systems President Harald Annestad said, in the statement.

Last month, Raytheon announced that an extended-range version of the advanced medium-range air-to-air missile (AMRAAM) successfully cleared lab testing. The new AMRAAM-ER missile is likely to provide the U.S. Army with a robust ground-based air defense, according to the defense contractor.