Get ready to head to therapy on this week's episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” In episode 16, NeNe Leakes gathered the ladies to reveal she had booked a therapy session for the group with Dr. Jeff. She hoped therapy would allow the ladies to work through their issues and possibly salvage the many broken friendships. Unfortunately, Kandi Burruss, who is already attending therapy with her new husband Todd Tucker, was less than enthusiastic about the idea.

With most of the group on board, NeNe decides to move forward with her plans, but will it blow up in her face? Previews for the episode suggest therapy may do more harm than good. When the ladies utilize their platform to discuss issues with the “Cinderella” actress, she becomes upset and storms out, leaving old wounds opened and issues unresolved. Meanwhile, a fresh beef brews between two longtime friends, and one of the housewives tries out a new career path!

Here's what you should expect to see on Season 7, episode 17 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”:

Confrontation Between Two Longtime Friends

After learning that Phaedra Parks has been discussing her lack of support among the other women, specifically NeNe, Kandi decides to tackle the issue head on. The two sit down for an intense talk, where Kandi demands to know why Phaedra didn't come directly to her. The Grammy Award winner is quickly reduced to tears. Phaedra's only response? “People can change.” Ouch!

A New Career May Be On The Horizon For One “Housewife”

Claudia Jordan may be on the market for a new career in episode 17. The radio personality will reportedly face her fears and try her hand at stand-up comedy, but will she succeed?

NeNe And Cynthia Discuss Their Friendship

If you've been holding out hope that NeNe and Cynthia Bailey would come to a resolution anytime soon, don't. During therapy with Dr. Jeff, NeNe and Cynthia attempt to address their issues.

NeNe becomes upset after Cynthia accuses her former friend of exaggerating an incident that played out last season between her and Peter Thomas at a charity event. This accusation leads to bickering between the pair, causing frustration on both ends.

Things grow worse when Cynthia blames NeNe for their friendship ending, saying once a rift appeared, she destroyed the relationship. Dr. Jeff attempts to mediate, but is unsuccessful. The more they discuss, the more defensive NeNe becomes, saying everything the former model is saying is “a big fat lie.”

A Therapy Blowup

NeNe and Cynthia aren't the only ones with things to talk about during the therapy session. The other women seize the opportunity to voice their feelings on certain members of the group now that they're in a safe space. Claudia, Cynthia and Kandi gang up on NeNe, saying she's unwilling to hear what they have to say and accusing her of always having to “mark her territory.” Never one to back down, NeNe fires back until she can't take it anymore. The actress storms out of the session and refuses to return despite the doctor's desperate pleas.

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