Kathryn Edwards has only been featured on one episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" thus far, but she's already being forced to defend herself. During Kathryn's appearance in episode 8 of the Bravo reality series Tuesday it was revealed that she had ties with O.J. Simpson. After making waves during the episode, the former model is speaking out about their link and how bothered she is that the information came out.

In her Bravo TV blog Kathryn discussed her relationship with co-star Lisa Rinna, who essentially introduced her to the "RHOBH" cast. She wrote that she and Lisa, 52, had known one another for nearly two decades, though they hadn't seen much of one another in the last few years. None the less Kathryn claimed she always likes "running into" the former soap opera actress and was disappointed that Lisa would claim the first thing that came to mind was O.J., 68, especially since she'd hardly ever seen them together. She promised, however, that she would make it a point to provide Lisa with new memories to replace those of the disgraced, former NFL player.

"What I wasn't happy about was that the first thing out of her mouth was O.J....really? OK, if that's what you think when you see me, I guess I haven't made much of any impression on you," Kathryn wrote. "Beside the fact that I don't think Rinna ever saw me once with O.J., but whatever...I'll give her new memories."

Kathryn was introduced to "RHOBH" during a fundraiser hosted by Lisa Vanderpump in Season 6, episode 8. Lisa introduces her to the cast revealing that she was once married to Marcus Allen, a football player who reportedly had an affair with Nicole Brown Simpson, O.J.'s wife who was later brutally murdered. The allegations were written about in a tell-all book written by Faye Resnick, Nicole's best friend who also happens to appear on "RHOBH" quite frequently. The drama will continue as the season unfolds, potentially resulting in a confrontation between Kathryn and Faye, 58.

It was first announced that Kathryn would be joining the show in September 2015. She and fellow newcomer Erika Girardi, or Erika Jayne as she's known to her fans, were invited to join the show after both Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards left the cast.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo.