Just when you thought Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards had put their differences aside, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars rehashed their old feud during part two of the Bravo 3-part reunion special. As you may remember, Lisa was sent into a glass-breaking rage after Kim insinuated that she had some kind of dirt on her husband, actor Harry Hamlin. Since the incident, the 51-year-old has asked numerous times what exactly Harry could have done and received no response. During the reunion, Lisa admitted, “I blew my f--king lid,” but claimed that Kim had crossed a line.

“She violated [Harry Hamlin’s] character. It was a total injustice,” she said.

Kim danced around the topic saying she was angry and simply repeating something she had heard. The 50-year-old refused, once more, to share what the rumor was saying, “I wouldn’t do that to you and your children.” The rest of the ladies, Lisa included, were sure to call her out for what appeared to be a blatant lie. Kim stood by her statement, saying Lisa wouldn’t be upset if there was no issue with Harry.

Lisa took to her Bravo TV blog to address the situation. The actress kept it short and sweet, calling Kim a “liar.” She added that the episode “speaks for itself,” and did not comment any further.

Her beef with Lisa isn’t the only drama Kim’s found herself the center of this reunion. Her ongoing feud with sister Kyle Richards took center stage during part one of the special and is believed to be coming up once more in the final episode. According to TMZ the sisters have not spoken in months due to issues that played out on camera and another involving Kim’s rowdy pitbull Kingston, which took place after. The dog allegedly bit one of Kyle’s four daughters, landing her in the hospital. The site claims that was the final straw for the 46-year-old, and with the exception of the reunion, they have not been in communication. According to Us Weekly, the final episode will reveal once and for all what caused the major rift.

Kim has not spoken out about the episode or her alleged secret about Harry. Be sure to tune in next week to the final installment in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion special at 8 p.m. EDT on Bravo.