The ladies of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” gathered Sunday night with Bravo’s own Andy Cohen to rehash the good times and the bad from Season 7. The first part of the reunion special also brought to the surface shocking new allegations about longtime star Teresa Giudice’s recent prison stint as well as which members of the cast may or may not have been strippers.

During the show the five “RHONJ” stars sat facing on another on adjacent couches with Cohen seated between them. Teresa, her brother Joe Gorga and formerly estranged sister-in-law Melissa Gorga huddled close on one couch while Jacqueline Laurita, Delores Catania and Siggy Flicker sat across from them. Much of the show centered around the on-going drama between Teresa and Jacqueline, who were once good friends. The pair duked it out over Twitter insults, tabloid rumors, and much more.

Their jabbing at one another, along with other shocking revelations during the “RHONJ” reunion, provided viewers with some seriously jaw-dropping moments throughout the show. Here are seven of the most important things that went down:

Teresa Feels She Fully Deserved That Pricey Lexus Post-Prison:

Following her Dec. 23 release from Danbury Womens Correctional Facility, Teresa’s husband Joe Giudice gifted her with a $90,000 Lexus SUV. Publications were quick to jump on the story, questioning whether it was wise for the couple to be making such purchases given the fact that they’d both been found guilty of bankruptcy fraud in 2014.

During the Season 7 reunion the car was touched upon, with Jacqueline suggesting that Melissa — who spent much of the season trying to repair her strained relationship with Teresa — was one of many people whispering about the expensive purchase. Andy joined in, asking Teresa why she and Joe didn’t opt for a cheaper car like “a Ford or something.”

“Would you drive a Ford?” Teresa quipped back.

Teresa Is Open To Danielle Staub Returning To “RHONJ”:

Fans of the popular “Real Housewives” franchise were in absolute shock on Oct. 19 when a photo surfaced of Teresa and Danielle, who were mortal enemies in early seasons, doing yoga together. Andy asked during Sunday’s reunion whether Teresa would be open to having Danielle back on the show. He, along with several members of the cast, was shocked to hear that she “would love” for Danielle to return in the future.

When probed further by Jacqueline about why she’d want someone who spent so much time and energy attacking her back on “RHONJ,” Teresa revealed her real motives. She told her frenemy she wanted Danielle “to come back to attack you.”

Ashlee Holmes Has Learned Nothing From Her Online Feud With Danielle Staub:

During Season 2, Jacqueline’s eldest daughter Ashlee was chastised for taking shots at Danielle, who has become one of the most notorious villains in “RHONJ” history, online. She has changed a lot since then — she’s engaged and recently welcomed her first child, but it seems Ashlee’s still got a case of Twitter fingers.

While Jacqueline and Andy discussed her daughter’s new life, Teresa and Melissa whispered to themselves about photos and comments Ashlee had been making about the mother of four online. When they were called out by the “RHONJ” reunion host, Teresa suggested that Jacqueline’s daughter “needs to learn respect,” noting that she had compared her mother’s ex-BFF to an ape on Twitter.

Strippergate Took A Shocking Turn:

In an earlier season of “RHONJ,” while visiting a local salon, Teresa learned heard a rumor that Melissa — with whom she was not on the best of terms with at the time — may have been a stripper before marrying Joe Gorga. She vehemently denied the rumors when confronted, but it drove a wedge between she and Teresa and was repeatedly brought up by both women, along with other members of the cast, over the years.

The stripper rumors returned during part one of the Season 7 “RHONJ” reunion when Jacqueline claimed that Teresa was responsible for planting the rumors. Teresa claimed there was no truth to what Jacqueline was saying and that it was actually Jacqueline that used to be a stripper, dancing under the name Amber.

Teresa Believes She Was Set Up By Someone Close To Her:

In addition to having accused Jacqueline of being a stripper in her past, Teresa suggested during the “RHONJ” reunion that while going through her bankruptcy, the mother of three sold stories to tabloids about her and Joe Giudice’s financial woes, marital status and more. Teresa then took it a step further, alleging that she had only been convicted of fraud because she and her husband were set up by Jacqueline and/or Carolina Manzo.

Joe Gorga Lost His Virginity Extremely Young:

Andy switched things up allowing Joe Gorga to join the women of the cast on the couch for much of the discussions. At one point, Andy complimented Joe on being well endowed before asking about when and how he lost his virginity. Joe revealed, with backing from Teresa, that he was just 9 years old the first time he had sex. He claimed Teresa held it over his head throughout their formative years, threatening to tell their parents.

Joe Makes No Apologies For His Sexist Comments:

Melissa found her calling in life during Season 7 of “RHONJ,” opening a boutique of her own. Doing so pulled her away from the house and caring for her husband and children as intently as she had been doing, which upset Joe Gorga. During a heated argument about her absence he claimed that the money she was making was “crumbs,” adding that he’d rather have her home cooking, cleaning and dealing with the kids while he worked to support the family.

Andy asked Joe Gorga about his comments during part one of the reunion, seemingly expecting an apology. Instead, the father of two stood by what he said, blaming his family values on his upbringing. Both Joe Gorga and Teresa claimed that growing up, his mother took care of the home while his father worked. Additionally, Teresa and their mother was tasked with cleaning up after Joe. As such, he has grown to expect that treatment from his wife.

The second part of the “RHONJ” Season 7 reunion will air Sunday, Nov. 13, at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo.