There's going to be a major casting shake-up in Season 8 of "The Real Housewives of New York City." The popular Bravo TV reality series wrapped yet another drama-filled season on Aug. 27 and it seems that some of the show's staple cast members have decided to get out while they can. It was previously reported that fan-favorite Heather Thomson would be leaving the series in Season 8, though her exact reasons for leaving were unclear -- until now. 

According to "RHONY" cast member Carole Radziwill, Heather, 45, is definitely not coming back to the show. The "What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship and Love" author told Us Weekly her co-star simply "knew it was time to move on." She went on to say that the dynamic had changed among the cast and the long list of pros that were there when she and Heather signed on for the series are long gone. 

"When the opportunity came to do this show, I had this list of pros and cons," she said. "Three years in, the pros list is just gone. They don't exist anymore."

As we previously reported, Heather is said to have decided the show was no longer "a good fit" for her individually and as a business owner. Us Weekly reported that she agreed to do Season 7 of "RHONY" in the hopes that it would help to promote her company, Yummie Tummie, and allow her to spend time with her on and off-camera friend Carole, 52. Unfortunately, drama and "ridiculous fights" overshadowed that, and many other storylines on the series. A source echoed Carole's sentiments, saying, "the cons of doing the show far outweigh the pros at this point."

It remains unclear which of the other "RHONY" cast members will be returning -- or leaving -- ahead of the series' eighth season. The show has yet to resume filming.