Tamra Barney was back to her old tricks in Season 10, episode 10 of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." In prior seasons she has found it difficult to avoid stirring the pot, causing issues among other members of the group. Although she vowed to change her tune after finding God in Season 10, it appears you really can't teach an old dog new tricks.

After a long night of partying like 20-somethings, the ladies attempted to rally for their final days in Tahiti. Tamra, Heather Dubrow and "RHOC" newcomer Meghan King Edmonds suited up and headed out for a day on the water while Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson stayed behind for a little beachside rest and relaxation. While soaking up the Tahitian sun and scuba diving in the clear blue waters, Tamra revealed to Heather and Meghan the details of a private conversation she'd had with Vicki and Shannon the night before about Meghan's husband's second wife and her relationship with Heather. The conversation left Heather and Meghan feeling noticeably uneasy.

The tension carried over into a dinner held later that night at which time Shannon was confronted about her alleged comments. Although she was clearly caught off-guard, she was able to clarify what she had actually said, leaving Heather, Vicki and Lizzie Rovsek thinking about a similar fiasco that occurred because of Tamra during a Season 9 trip to Bali, Indonesia. Vicki and Tamra removed themselves from the table to discuss what had occurred privately with Heather following soon after. While waiting for the others to return Shannon and Lizzie attempted to warn Meghan of Tamra's tendency to be "a pot stirrer." Meghan later relayed Shannon's comments back to Tamra and Heather, creating yet another rift among the cast. 

The ladies were able to move past their tumultuous night to enjoy their final day in Tahiti. They boarded a ferry to another island where they enjoyed one last dinner organized by Vicki. While sitting on the beach sipping cocktails and enjoying a multi-course meal, Meghan shocked the entire group by apologizing for her poor timing. Shannon accepted the apology, but promised that she would be moving forward with Meghan very cautiously. 

While episode 10 ended on a positive note, it appears that things are going to be short lived for some members of the group. Previews for Season 10, episode 11, suggest Brooks Ayers' suspicious battle with cancer may cause issues among two unlikely members of the "RHOC" inner circle. 

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