Things are looking up for the ladies of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." After a rough Season 9, it appears the cast is ready to put the past behind them -- well, most of them anyway. 

In Season 10, episode 3 Heather Dubrow and husband Terry Dubrow gathered the ladies and their husbands for a trip to Napa, California. This wasn't just any weekend getaway, however. The ever-fancy Dubrows pulled out all the bells and whistles in celebration of the launch of their latest business venture -- their Collete champenoise, or "champs," as Heather calls it. Like the fabulous and fancy host that she is, Heather arranged to have all the ladies, sans Vicki Gunvalson, who was away receiving an award, flown on a private jet to the swanky Northern California hotel in which they were staying. 

Although Shannon Beador was hesitant to head to Napa without Vicki in tow, the trip kicked off without any issue. She and the other ladies laughed and enjoyed one another's company through the flight and their first night in wine country. It wasn't until the husbands arrived that things got rocky. Prior to his arrive David Beador called to let his wife know he and the rest of the husbands had stopped for sushi, putting them behind schedule. He also revealed that during their sushi lunch they'd decided to kick-start the party with a few too many saki shots. With their relationship already hanging in the balance, Shannon quickly grew frustrated, but tried her best to maintain a positive attitude. The husbands finally arrived, albeit a bit behind schedule, and everyone freshened up and headed off to the Collette launch party -- but not before Shannon and David could get into it once more. 

Once inside the party Heather, Tamra Judge, Lizzie Rovsek, and "Real Housewives" newcomer Meghan King Edmonds sipped the Dubrow's new champagne and "whooped it up," as Vicki would say. Tamra and Lizzie shared plenty of laughs despite their tumultuous past and things began looking good for the ladies of the O.C. Unfortunately Shannon simply couldn't shake the "negative thoughts." She and her hubby, who at the time were still getting their troubled marriage back on track, slinked off to a corner in search of anything but Heather's champagne. After patching her relationship with Vicki during episode 2, Tamra decided she and Heather should give Vicki, aka the funbus, a call to give some semblance of the old days. 

Although the trip to Napa served as a bonding moment for a majority of the cast, previews for episode 4 suggest viewers are in for a little drama. Shannon and rookie "RHOC" star Meghan will apparently be verbally battling it out over an old wound that has yet to heal.

Tune in next Monday at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo for all that and more. Check out a preview for next week's episode below.