Tensions are flaring on Season 11 of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and newcomer Kelly Meza-Dodd is at the center of it all. After a nasty falling out during Shannon Beador’s 70s-themed party in a previous episode the rookie housewife tries to make amends — but is her new attitude here to stay?

Not long after sitting down with Shannon to apologize, Kelly learns from Tamra Judge that a close friend of Shannon’s has been spreading some unkind rumors about her. Tamra reveals that she heard through the grapevine that Kelly has been selling her body to pay her bills. Rightfully upset by the rumor, Kelly reaches out to Shannon to warn her about what’s coming for her gal pal. She threatens to sue the woman, which makes Shannon feel uncomfortable. In an effort to get to the source, she contacts Tamra to find out whether it was her who leaked the conversation to Kelly. Tamra confirms, which leaves Shannon feeling betrayed — but not enough to drive a wedge between her and her Season 11 bestie just yet.

Meanwhile Tamra has been planning one last hoorah for Meghan King-Edmonds, who is slated to get inseminated within days. She invites the cast — including outsiders Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly — to gather for food and, of course, drinks at a Japanese restaurant. She and her son’s ex-fiancée, with whom she has become close, arrive at the establishment before anyone else to lay out the pornogami (sexually explicit origami) and turkey basters — which, as Vicki later points out, is not actually how one gets inseminated. While making the seating arrangements Tamra and her almost-daughter-in-law attempt to avoid conflict by separating Kelly and Vicki from their enemies. The ladies arrive shortly after and the chaotic evening begins.

Vicki greets Meghan with a gift for her impending bundle of joy in the hopes that it will serve as an “olive branch.” The now-expectant mother is moved by the gesture, but not enough to forgive and forget Vicki’s involvement in ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers’ cancer faking scandal. Everyone makes their way to their seats and the champagne and Sake flow. After a few drinks, Kelly decides there is no better time than the present to confront Shannon about her friends’ comments. She repeatedly tells the table how “disgusting” it was of the woman, who does not appear in the episode, to suggest that she — who has a young daughter at home — was performing sexual acts for money.

Kelly proudly states that she has worked hard all her life, is “college educated,” and has made a nice life for her and her daughter. For some unknown reason the comment about her level of learning sets Shannon off, suggesting that Kelly was trying to call her and/or the other women dumb. Kelly, who admits early in episode 7 that she has anger issues, fires back with insults before shocking the entire table by using the C-word.

Tamra attempts to interject, telling Kelly that she can dish out insults but not take them, and finds herself in the cross hairs. Kelly calls her a “dumb f---,” at which point Heather Dubrow decides she’s had enough. She stands up and berates her new “RHOC” co-star, telling her that “this is not okay,” before attempting to throw her out of Meghan’s party. Kelly quips back, questioning her authority and Heather decides it’s best that she just remove herself from the situation. Shannon and Tamra rush out with her, seeking refuge on the steps. While the trio attempts to recover from the fallout from Kelly’s c-bomb, Heather takes the opportunity to tell the ladies she “never” wants to see Kelly again. She also briefly confronts Vicki, telling her that what unfolded was wrong and the situation that lead up to it — two separate feuds at the 70s party, one of which involved Vicki and David Beador — were equally wrong. She suggests that it’s time Vicki own up to her stuff rather than rallying around another controversial cast member, but Vicki does not seem receptive to the information. Heather retreats to her car where she sobs while trying to recall the evening’s events to husband Terry Dubrow.

Back inside the restaurant Kelly seems to have flipped the script again. She approaches Tamra and Shannon, both of whom she insulted just moments prior, and seems apologetic. She owns up to her wrongdoing, telling both women that she’s sorry for her harsh words. Tamra is quick to accept, but Shannon is more confused than anything. Shannon and Tamra later discuss what happened, concluding that something deeper is going on with Kelly. Shannon agrees that something’s off about her, but reminds Tamra that it’s not her problem to fix.

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