Vicki Gunvalson has removed herself from the drama surrounding ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers. Brooks is currently embroiled in controversy as both the public and Vicki's "The Real Housewives of Orange County" co-stars question his stage three non-Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis. While the entrepreneur continues to address his doubters, Vicki, 53, slipped away to focus on herself. 

As was reported by Us Weekly, the reality star uploaded a photo on Instagram suggesting she slipped away on Saturday for a little rest and relaxation with friends. The first picture showed Vicki standing among the other ladies on the first night of what she described as a "detox retreat." The "RHOC" star shared with fans that she would be partaking in relaxing activities like, "yoga, meditation, hiking, massage and healthy eating."

On Sunday, Vicki followed up with fans who may have been curious how the retreat was going, sharing a snapshot of one of her meals at Club Detox. The grandmother of two kicked off the final day of her weekend with a breakfast of fresh berries and a green juice, made up of a blend of various vegetables. She then shared a third photo showing her and two of the ladies from the first picture. In her caption she thanked her gal pals for inspiring her, believing in her, and letting her have "a stress free day."

While Vicki cleansed her mind, body and soul, Brooks was at home defending himself. The "RHOC" star's former love interest came under fire once again after eye witnesses recently saw him drinking and partying with friends at a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, nightclub. To fans it seemed like confirmation that he could be faking his cancer diagnosis -- an idea that has come up several times during Season 10 of Bravo's "RHOC." Brooks maintained that he does have cancer, but was not undergoing chemotherapy at the time of his night out. He said he will occasionally have a few cocktails when he is off the aggressive cancer treatment as it is a major "no-no" to consume alcohol while on it. 

This isn't the first time he's had to defend his diagnosis. On Sept. 22 he spoke to Entertainment Tonight, shutting down the "RHOC" cast's doubts about his cancer. He told the publication the network creates "manufactured drama" for the show and, this season, he fell victim to that. He said he has since distanced himself from the show and anyone associated with it. 

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