Bravo’s “Real Housewives” stars aren’t having any of Brooks Ayers’ claims the shows are full of “manufactured drama.” The former boyfriend of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Vicki Gunvalson recently spoke out about his cancer diagnosis, which has been a topic of controversy throughout much of Season 10. In the interview he bashed Bravo for allegedly faking scenarios and creating issues where they don’t exist. Stars across multiple “Real Housewives” platforms have since come together to denounce his statements.

Heather Dubrow discussed Brooks' comments with Entertainment Tonight. Heather, 46, told the publication there is absolutely nothing fake about “RHOC,” which she stars alongside Vicki, 53, on. She called Season 10 of the show, which has featured death, a very serious – and very suspicious – cancer diagnosis, and more, “raw, real and disturbing.” She added that she remains hopeful audiences would be intellectual enough to realize that the network would not fake any of the situations “RHOC” cast members have been faced with this season.

“There is no manufactured drama on the show,” Heather said. “You don’t get to see everything, but what you are seeing is what happens. This season is raw, real and disturbing. The audience is smart. I think Brooks is going to be judged and tried by the court of public opinion. The response to this season is so good, because it’s real. To say this season and situations were manufactured for drama is just not true.”

Lisa Vanderpump, of Bravo’s popular “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” franchise, backed Heather’s statements. Lisa, 55, told ET “they don’t need to manufacture drama.” She added that the truth is “always more fascinating than fiction” and revealed that producers have always urged the “Real Housewives” to speak openly and honestly.

As we reported on Monday, Brooks responded to the ongoing drama surrounding his cancer diagnosis on “RHOC” in an interview with ET. He told the publication he does, in fact, have stage 3 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He added that “RHOC” producers “create drama” and said he had distanced himself from the show and those involved with it. He revealed that he will be starting another round of treatment in October.

Although Ayers diagnosis has been a major plot point throughout much of Season 10, things truly reached a boiling point in episode 16. During a party hosted by Shannon Beador, Brooks decided to confront Meghan King Edmonds about digging into his personal life. The “RHOC” newcomer admitted to having contacted an old girlfriend of Brooks’, but claimed she was just concerned for his well-being. Brooks, Vicki, Meghan, 30, and her husband, Jim Edmonds, agreed to disagree, but decided to let well enough alone – at least for now.

Previews for an upcoming episode of the show, set to air Monday, Sept. 28, suggests Brooks will provide members of the cast with the results from a recent PET scan. Meghan, who has previously said she loves research, decides to look further into the facility at which he claims to have undergone the procedure. Check out the clip below and be sure to tune in Monday at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.