A real-life version of a Transformers-like robot has been revealed in a new Japanese video, wowing web users with its similarity to the robots seen in the mega-popular franchise's movies, cartoons and comics.

The video, which is set to a techno music soundtrack, shows what appears to be just a normal toy car. But as the video progresses, the car rolls across the screen and opens up in the manner of the Transformers' Optimus Prime, though it moves a little jerkier than in the Michael Bay films.

The mind-blowing spectacle seems like a mini version of a scene out of a Transformers movie, and though there is very little information about the robot on the Japanese website that posted the video, it is still an awesome site to see the car change from vehicle form to standing robot form, and to proceed to walk across the screen.

The Japanese description of the video does not do much to expand on our knowledge of what exactly the toy robot is or how it works, but it does provide a humorous aside when translated into English via Google.

Is a robot that transforms into vehicle type from the human type, the translation reads. Because the goal instead of the Transformers series hero, the future is expected to be merged with the flying robot.

That seems to mean that the toy's designer would like to see the Transformers robot equipped with the ability to fly, though that may be a ways off.

And it isn't clear whether the whole video is just an example of well-executed stop-motion photography, but even if it is just that, the video is still a fun distraction for all the Transformers lovers out there.

Click this link to watch the real Transformers robot video for yourself.