A horse became an unwilling unicorn after he was found with a piece of wood wedged into his skull, NBC's Today.com reported. The horse's owner, Tommasina Ashley, was in shock when she found out that her 30-year-old horse, Danny, had been impaled by a nine-inch piece of wood.

She was out of town in New York for her sister's bridal shower June 28 when she got the frightening text that Danny had supposedly hurt himself and no one knew why or how.

Ashley wanted to rush home, but she was hours away from Amelia Acres, a Hudson Valley farm, Today.com said.

I was in shock, the 42-year-old horse owner told Today.com. I was thinking, oh my god, he's had a stroke. It was a mess.

Astonishingly, the wooden stake that had impaled Danny's forehead missed his left eye and brain by a few centimeters. Even though the caramel-colored show horse was a little foggy, he was still breathing, the site explained.

He was quickly taken to Rhinebeck Equine, a vet hospital where doctors were able to take X-rays and found out that the wood had shattered parts of his skull, Today.com added. Dr. Susan Murray, Danny's surgeon, explained to the website that she had not seen anything like it since she was in medical school.

The doctors had to take out pieces of bone, the site said, which left Danny with a gaping hole in his head that will take a couple of months to heal. The horse was calm throughout the ordeal, even when he had to stand in place for the surgery, Murray said.

Don't worry, though: Murray added that Danny was able to stand in place throughout the surgery with the help of a sedative. He's a brave boy and was very good, she added. I almost think he knew we were intending to help him.

But the accident-prone Danny knows a thing or two about hospital visits. A year and a half ago, he needed to undergo emergency surgery to have a tumor removed from his intestines. But it was only a matter of months before Danny was back to normal, Ashley said.

Ashley now calls him a miracle unicorn-horse since Danny survived a brush with death. She also joked on Facebook that Danny knew she always wanted a unicorn.

His owner even created a Facebook page for him called, Danny, the Miracle Unicorn and the page has more than a thousand likes. It's pretty impressive considering Danny's accident happened only about a week or so ago.

Danny is currently being taken care of at Rhinebeck Equine and is expected to make a full recovery, according to his Facebook page.

As if having a Facebook account weren't enough, Danny's even got a Twitter page now. After all, he is a unicorn.  If the thoroughbred horse Danny ever wanted to be a celebrity, now's his chance.

Of course, Danny is still relatively new to Twitter, with his only tweet being: Well, im still in the hosp. They finally stopped that salt syringe thing. I hated that!! I have a nice salt block now :-).

Get well soon, Danny.