The truth has come out about Rebel Wilson’s past. The Australian-born actress found herself the subject of much controversy this week after Woman’s Day reported that she was fabricating details about her life.

Now, People magazine reports she was, in fact, lying about both her name and age, among other things. The "Pitch Perfect 2" star previously claimed that she was 29 years old. According to the magazine's findings, records filed with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission reveal that is untrue. The files show her date of birth as March 2, 1980, which makes her 35. The actress also appears to have been taking liberties with her name, which turns out to be Melanie Elizabeth Bownds. People reports that the film star's last name was legally changed to Wilson at some point, however.

Wilson previously told the Australian Women’s Weekly that Melanie and Elizabeth were her middle names. She added that she had gone by them in the past to avoid being teased for her unique name. She also told the magazine that her two siblings were given unusual names as well, claiming her parents had named them Liberty and Ryot. According to People, that was not a lie.

Woman’s Day also reported Wilson’s stories about growing up in “the more ghetto side of Sydney” were false. Upon further investigation, People is also reporting that was untrue. The publication was able to procure documents proving Wilson attended Tara Anglican School, which is believed to be a high-quality institution. What’s more, the site claims Wilson lived with her parents in the upper-middle-class Sydney suburb of Castle Hill.

Wilson took to Twitter to address Woman's Day's story on Monday. She laughed off the claims about her age, asking fans to address her as Fat Patricia.