Just when a blossoming gaming company is about to release its crown jewel, a complaint on Reddit could torpedo its efforts.

Telltale Games, a digital publisher responsible for cross-platform episodic series, has been prepping for the Nov. 15 release of Jurassic Park: The Game, but a complaint on Reddit has the online community crying foul and many promising to pass on the game.


Some of the scratches that Henry claims occurred in transit.

Denver, Colo. resident Kevin Henry lent his Jurassic Park-themed Jeep Wrangler to the company in August for use at their promotional booth during the PAX gaming convention in Seattle, Wash. He claims the customized vehicle was damaged in the shipping process, only to have Telltale and the car carrier company deny responsibility for the scratches that now pepper his Jeep's side panels.

The International Business Times reached out to Telltale Games for comment, but requests via phone and email were not returned as of posting.

Henry, 27, said he had harangued both parties for some sort of amicable solution, to no avail. Then, following the advice of others, he took the story to Reddit. In the time since he posted, a veritable backlash against Telltale games have begun brewing on the Web site -- if comments are any indication.

The sad part is the damage to that vehicle is realistically not that bad, but the damage to TellTales [sic] reputation will be much worse, wrote one user.

The thread ends with several promises to pass up, with one Reddit user claiming the canceled their pre-order. It's not a reaction Henry was expecting.

I have visions of telling everyone that it's going to get fix and everyone throws their hats in the air, he said, claiming the damages to his car reach into the thousands.

Henry was doubly perturbed when he encountered the alleged resistance from Telltale Games, after forgoing a fee for the use of his vehicle. He instead has two passes to the convention, round trip and per diem expenses covered.

He said his intention is posting on Reddit wasn't to lambaste the company or hurt its business.

I'd like to get my Jeep repainted, he said. I'd like to get it to the state that it was when I gave it to them.