Joseph Orovic

McDonald's Adds Calorie Counts To Menus

McDonald's customers across the U.S. will know how many calories they're shoving down their gullet every time they order a Big Mac, as the fast food giant announced starting Monday it will post calorie counts alongside all items listed on its menu.

Does The FBI’s Looming Biometric Database Bring Big Brother Closer?

The FBI's Next Generation Identification would use photographs and biometric data to help law enforcement entities nationwide identify "persons of interest." If NGI's early stages are any indication of where it's heading, privacy advocates and ordinary citizens are right to fear it.

Do Democratic Presidents Historically Pull Nation Out Of Fiscal Rut?

The 2012 campaign has focused on a myriad of social and ideological issues, with some smatterings of tax policy and truckloads of mudslinging. A new book argues voters should look past the obfuscation and consider what is best for their wallet. Its authors claim history has proven one thing: when it comes to economic success, the left has had the upper hand.

Mitt Romney Labeled ‘Racist’ Due To Mormon Faith In Controversial Neon Sign

A sign in front of Steven Showers' California home has made his home the topic of neighborly outrage. The 14-foot tall buzzing neon obelisk pleads for passersby to "Save the GOP." A relatively unthreatening sentiment, right? Except the rest of the glowing red and green text labels Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney a "racist."

Ron Paul Delegates, Shunted To Republican National Convention's Outskirts, May Lash Out

Ron Paul's delegates will have to enjoy the cheap seats during the Republican National Convention, after the GOP assigned states whose delegations are flush with the Libertarian Congressman's representatives to the outskirts of the convention center in Tampa, Fla. The GOP hopes the whole process will go off without a hitch -- but Paul's followers could still ruin Mitt Romney's coming out party.

'Birtherism' And Akin Dominate Pre-Convention Talk Shows [VIDEOS]

Sunday morning's talk show circuit featured a particularly matronly streak, with abortion, birth and Mother Nature dominating most of the political punditry's attention. The talk shows rolled into the day amid the continuing fallout over Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comment and Mitt Romney's "birth certificate" comment.

The Bain Files: Romney Document Dump Reveals Secrets To A 13% Tax Rate

Newly-released documents confirm criticisms of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s road to enduring riches. What emerges is a system that exploits several weaknesses in tax laws regarding overseas investments, as well as backdoor methods of swapping assets behind the government’s back. How politically damning any of this may be remains to be seen. But in the case of the Bain files, we know being “Romney Rich” isn’t simple. But it’s a lot more profitable than working a 9-to-5 with a...

Obesity Makes You Dumber Sooner: Study

Obesity, high blood pressure and other metabolic problems fuel a faster loss of cognitive ability than normal weight people, according to a study published in the journal Neurology. The results add a new layer to the already ubiquitous risks involved with being overweight, and dispels the belief being overweight sans metabolic risk factors is the same as being normal weight.

Porn Industry Shuts Down After Syphilis Scare While 1,000 XXX Stars Are Tested

Fears of a syphilis outbreak caused a leading porn industry group to announce a nationwide shutdown of X-rated productions while more than 1,000 performers are tested for the sexually transmitted disease. The potential outbreak has reignited California?s controversial Measure B, a referendum which would mandate the use of condoms on porn shoots inside Los Angeles County.