It’s just another dramatic day in the French castle. Francis may have let Mary out of her tower, but that doesn’t mean that trouble isn’t brewing on “Reign.” Our favorite characters encountered hot sex, new love and some pretty serious marital problems.

Greer And Lord Castleroy

Greer has finally sucked up her situation with Lord Castleroy. But things may not be as bad as they seem when her father arrives at the castle to go over her dowry. Turns out that her family is broke, but that’s something that Lord Castleroy is well aware of … and doesn’t care about! He tells Greer’s father that he doesn’t want a dowry, but simply his blessing for her hand in marriage.

Greer’s impressed with her husband to be, and her feelings only grow when Lord Castleroy stands up to her father for her. Taking him down a couple of notches, Lord Castleroy puts his conditions for marrying Greer on the table: He will give money for each of Greer’s sisters to use as dowries, and Greer will have final approval of her sister’s husbands.

“A good businessman always knows what something is worth,” Castleroy tells Greer’s shocked father. “And to me, Greer is priceless.”

And that’s not all that Greer’s future hubby does for her. Visiting her chambers later that day, Castleroy hands her papers to sign when she’s ready -- their marriage contract. Seeing that he placed the power in her hands, Greer immediately kisses Castleroy, finally seeing him as her knight in shining armor.

Penelope And … Her Baby?

Did you think that Penelope was gone for good? Well, then think again. Stripped of her fancy gowns and jewels, Penelope showed up at Henry’s door demanding to see him. And when Catherine tried to stop her, Penelope pulled out the big guns -- the pregnancy card.

“Henry I love you and I miss you and I’m carrying your child,” she yelled as guards tried to take her away.

And that was just the trick to get the king’s attention. Henry opened his doors and offered Penelope a cottage in town. Needless to say, the gold-digger wasn’t happy with his offer. But she had bigger fish to fry -- actually get pregnant.

Trying to get knocked up by a boy on the kitchen help staff, Queen Catherine walked in on her and kindly offered her some protection, in the form of solitary confinement. Locking her up in a tower, Catherine told Penelope that she’d check on her once a month to watch her belly grow.

But eventually Catherine figured out that she had better uses for the girl. When Penelope finally admitted to not being pregnant, Catherine offered her a position on her flying squad.

Bash And Kenna

Bash & Kenna’s marriage didn’t start off too well, but the gorgeous couple is trying to make things work. Both seem to genuinely care about the other’s well-being, and their polite manners moved turned into blush worthy bedroom moves. Stripping off Kenna’s layers until she’s in her lingerie, Bash kisses her body while telling her that he wants her to forget everyone but him. And by the look on Kenna’s face, it looks like she’s following Bash’s words. But Bash can’t do the same.

Shortly after he walks in on Francis kissing Mary and has a complete meltdown. Returning back to his room, he immediately peels off the little clothes remaining on Kenna and gets back to business. However Kenna realizes that something set her husband off.

“When you’re with me I want to be the only one inside your head,” she tells him. And Bash promises she is.

Mary And Francis

A month has passed since Francis locked Mary up in the tower, but their relationship is still strained. And only getting worse since news arrived at the castle revealing that Marie de Guise was under siege by the Protestants.

With no army, Francis suggests that they buy an army to help Mary’s mother. With no money, they must turn to Queen Catherine, and she’s not willing to hand over a cent.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, King Henry verbally assaults Mary after finding out that Elizabeth was named the next queen of England, a title he was hoping Mary would obtain.

Mary could care less about Henry’s harsh words and threats though. Focused on helping her mother and her country, Mary decides to take drastic measures and ask her uncle, the Duke for help. The Duke has a huge army, but as Queen Elizabeth explained, he’s also the devil.

The Duke arrives at the castle and tells Mary that money won’t buy him and his army. However a permanent position in French court might …

The Duke demands that he be named King Henry’s right hand man. And while Francis agrees to relay the offer to his father, he ends up getting distracted by Henry’s insane plan to go after the English throne. Fortunately for Francis, Catherine has her hands in King Henry’s plan. And that allows Francis to strike a deal with the Duke.

Since Francis is Henry’s successor, and the Duke doesn’t believe Henry will be around for much longer, the Duke demands that Francis name him his right hand man. Francis is hesitant, but his love for Mary makes him agree to the Duke’s offer. But Francis has one condition: the Duke’s men would report to him as well. The Duke is confused, and Francis tells him that he’ll only agree to the deal if he goes with him to Scotland.

Mary is ecstatic about Francis’ negotiation with the Duke. But less than happy to find out that Francis is leaving. However Mary can’t help but have a smile on her face when Francis teases her with the fact that maybe she’ll have a baby waiting for him when he returns.

Unfortunately their happiness is short lived when Francis finds out that Henry is leaving to invade with his own army. Despite his father’s crazy plan, Francis thinks it could work … if they used the Duke’s army. Francis tells Mary his new plan, and she is beyond angry. The pair argues about how their countries are coming before their marriages, but that doesn’t stop Francis from leaving. Mary tries to make amends before he departs, but she warns her friends that she won’t let Francis put her country at risk again.