“Reign” might not be returning to The CW for another couple of months, however Mary, Queen of Scots, was with some of her loyal subjects at the “Reign” San Diego Comic-Con panel on Thursday, July 24. Adelaide Kane (Mary) was on hand with Megan Follows (Catherine), Toby Regbo (Francis) and executive producer Laurie McCarthy to not only discuss some of the jaw dropping and deadly moments from Season 1, but to give fans a sneak peek at the drama that lies ahead in Season 2.

Check out 7 things we learned from the SDCC 2014 panel:

[WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do NOT continue reading if you don't want to learn about Season 2.]

1. Marriage For Mary and Francis: According to Laurie McCarthy, Mary and Francis’s marriage may be “going well so far,” however they won’t stay in married bliss for the entire second season. Their future as a couple will be in jeopardy as the face “political” and “horrific” obstacles.

2. The Death Of King Henry: King Henry might be gone, but that doesn’t mean that the castle will forget about him. Toby Regbo teased that his character is going to feel guilt over killing his father.

3. Death Will Come For Others: Don’t get too attached to anyone in Season 2 of “Reign.” The EP dished that thanks to the plague; the deaths will begin in the premiere episode.

4. Catherine Vs. Mary: King Henry might be gone and Francis might be on the throne … but that doesn’t mean that all is well between Catherine and Mary. McCarthy previewed that “there isn’t enough power to go around.”

5. Baby News: The French castle might have some toddlers running around by the end of Season 2. “Reign” fans can definitely look forward to “awkward” moments between Francis, Mary and Lola after the birth of Francis and Lola’s love child. But hopefully Mary and Francis won’t be too far behind in having a child of their own. Laurie McCarthy explained that anything could happen and that the royal couple will definitely be trying to have a “Frary” baby.

6. Connection To History: History buffs know that Francis didn’t live very long, but “Reign” won’t be taking that route. “I’m in no rush to say goodbye to Toby or Francis,” said the EP.

Regbo had a slightly saucier response when it was mentioned that Wikipedia has his character listed as “dead.”

“Also according to Wikipedia my character ha undescended testicles,” he joked with the audience.

7. The Francis, Mary, Bash Love Triangle: Sorry to break your hearts, “Mash” fans. The love triangle between Mary and the two brothers is over. As Kane put it, the show doesn’t need love triangles because it has actual story lines. But Bash will still hold a place in Mary’s heart. Kane explained that the pair will always have a “special relationship.”

Season 2 of “Reign” will premiere on The CW on Thursday, October 2, at 9 p.m. ET.