Sometimes a card and flowers really can say it all for making Mom feel special on Mother’s Day, particularly when gift giving has the potential for disaster. There are plenty of Mother’s Day gift guides out there touting the best ideas for what to give Mom, but what about the reverse?

Social media users took to Twitter Friday to share their rejected Mother’s Day gift ideas, using the hashtag #rejectedmothersdaygifts. The humorous roundup of things not to get Mom is as much a spoof as it is a trend, but for gift-givers who are at a total loss, perhaps a process of elimination would be best.

Here are some of the gift ideas to avoid on Mother’s Day, according to the Internet.  

1. Crocs. The foam clog was originally designed as a spa shoe and hit stores in 2002. While the footwear is functional, many say it lacks a certain … elegance.  

2. Parenting advice from Kris Jenner. The Kardashian  “momager” – mother-cum-manager – has been accused of selling her offspring to the world in pursuit of fortune and fame. Stage mothers, take note.  

3. A viral dress. Remember that blue-and-black -- or was it white-and-gold? -- dress that broke the Internet? Don’t let it tear apart the family, too.

4. Robot Twitter followers. Does Mom even have a Twitter account?

5. An audio book reading of "50 Shades of Grey." That fantasy is best kept private.

6. A coffee mug with a second-rate message. Because no mom wants to hear the word “okay” on Mother’s Day.

7. A reminder that she’s growing old. Just remember, she changed your diapers. One day, God forbid, you might be returning the favor.  

8. Adult baby carrier. She carried you around for months and maybe even years – she deserves a break!

9. A gravesite. The only thing worse than hearing “you’re old,” is hearing “you’re dying.”