A special wine glass might be the perfect budget Mother's Day gift. Reuters

Mom deserves the best, that's for sure. But perhaps your budget for Mother's Day, set for Sunday, is a little tight. Don't fret, because there are plenty of options for a Mother's Day gift that won't break the bank. Below are a few ideas that will make Mom -- and your wallet -- happy.

A Framed Picture

A picture frame isn't a big expense and can be found easily at any number of stores. Here's a simple frame at Michaels that will run you just $8.99. Then simply print out a favorite picture, frame it and you have a thoughtful gift that will decorate the house for years to come.

A Good Book

A book is always a considerate gift. Pick something on a subject your mom would like, perhaps a book that's been made into a movie. Then you can promise to watch the movie with your mom as well and it's a double-gift.

A Special Wine Glass

If you mom drinks wine, doesn't she deserve her own, special glass? Bed Bath and Beyond sells monogrammed glasses that would do just the trick.

Breakfast In Bed

An oldie but goodie. Make your mom her favorite breakfast -- simple enough. If you want to kick it up a notch, make items that take some work, like eggs benedict or fresh-pressed juice.

Lotions, Scented Soaps, Etc.

These are the everyday items that you can never really have enough of. Find a sweet-smelling lotion of scented soap and pass it along to your Mom. Bath and Body Works has an extensive collection of scented lotions that cost just $12.50. Or if you think Mom will enjoy a new shower gel, Bath and Body Works sells a large selection of scented gels for $12.50 as well.

Fancy Coffee

If your Mom is a coffee drinker, buy her a special grind that will make the start of every day much better. La Colombe has perhaps the best beans on the market and most blends sell for about $10-$15 per bag. It's not as cheap as the average cup-of-joe, but the coffee that results is truly awesome. La Colombe's website has detailed descriptions of each variety so you'll be able to pick a coffee that will go exactly with your mom's taste.

A Summer/Beach Accessory

It's almost summertime and that means a host of gift ideas that can get mom ready for summer. Does your family go to the beach or to a pool often? How about a striped beach towel from the Lakeside Collection, which are stylish and run for just $6.95. Or look for a summer hat that your mom would like, or sunglasses or a pair of flip flops. Just find a nice item that your mom will use often when summer hits.