The highly anticipated “Final Fantasy XV” will be getting a special event on March 2016, when the game’s release date will also be announced. The news was announced during this year’s PAX Prime, where publisher Square Enix revealed more gameplay videos and announced the special event. While the company did not reveal much about the event, it was stated that “Final Fantasy XV” will be getting a 2016 release date.

As to why Square Enix is waiting till March to announce the release date, IGN reported that the company simply is not ready to announce it yet. It seems like the company is waiting till March so that the release date can be more definitive and so the game will not be a victim to any more delays in the near future.

While the lack of any actual detail can be considered disappointing, it seems like the wait for the title is going to be worth it. Game Informer expressed excitement over viewing some of the game’s recent videos from PAX Prime 2015 and considered the title more exciting than recent offerings from the series.

Fans of the series know that “Final Fantasy XV” was originally going to be a spinoff title for “Final Fantasy XIII.” The original name of the game was going to be “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” and it was supposed to come out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Once the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was revealed, the game was renamed as “Final Fantasy XV.”

The game seems to be setting its own path and deviating from previous games, as it focuses on an all-male group of characters and vehicles. In addition to that, the title will also have an action-oriented combat system, ditching the turn-based systems of previous “Final Fantasy” games and with a similar feel to the fighting in “Kingdom Hearts.”

It seems like the next few years will be very exciting for Square Enix and “Final Fantasy” fans. In addition to “Final Fantasy XV,” fans also have “World of Final Fantasy” and the “Final Fantasy VII” remake to look forward to. “Final Fantasy XV” will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Watch 5 New Minutes of Final Fantasy 15 - PAX 2015 (Credit: YouTube/IGN)