Renee Graziano has went through some pretty rough situations on this season of Mob Wives. However, having your ex-husband be the reason your father goes to jail might be one of her most difficult so far.

Graziano was married to Hector Junior Pagan, but the relationship began to fall apart because of all of Pagan's legal troubles. Pagan turned himself in in 2011 for armed robbery and brandishing a weapon in a 2009 incident. To avoid jail time Pagan agreed to wear a wire while talking to his former father-in-law, Anthony TG Graziano, and helped the DEA get Graziano for extortion and other charges.

When Graziano heard of the news she broke down hysterically.

They're taking my dad, Graziano screamed. The feds are taking my dad! Please don't let them take my father!

Pagan is now in witness protection and Graziano admits that it took her a lot to get over the situation.

It literally felt like somebody broke my chest, took my heart and pulled it out of my body, Graziano told Us Weekly. Just horrible, I trusted my life with [him]. [I] was suicidal, but If I don't forgive, you'll have hate ... Forgive, but never forget.

A new episode of Mob Wives airs tonight on VH1 at 8 p.m.