Defaced Rep. Anthony Weiner who is in the middle of the crotch-gate scandal came close to stealing thunder from Apple's mega launch of iCloud and iOS 5 on Twitter sphere as the Congressman racked in similar number of tweets as Apple's WWDC.

Usually Apple's product launches make a clean sweep on the Twitter platform by dominating the buzz created on the micro-blogging site but this year Apple CEO Steve Jobs had an unlikely competitor - not Android - but Rep. Anthony Weiner.

AdAge reported that data from Trendrr's, a social media monitoring site, revealed by the end of Monday Weiner-related tweets garnered 184,848 tweets, iCloud racked up around 110,000 tweets , the word Apple got 251,000 tweets. Cumulatively Apple - including key words like iCloud - garnered 752,346 tweets by the end of Monday.

On hourly basis, Weiner followed Steve Jobs back-to-back on Twitter in tweet volume but by the end of the day Steve Jobs beat Weiner hands down.

Anthony Weiner came to prominence when an obscene picture of a man's pelvic girdle was sent to one of his followers, a 21-year-old college student Gennette Cordova on Twitter. Weiner had initially blamed hackers for the unlikely gray underpants tweet intrusion.

However, later Weiner admitted to sending explicit pictures and messages to over half-a-dozen women. Latest was Gawker's post with a picture which it claims is the close-up snapshot of Weiner's genitals. The picture comes, courtesy blogger Andrew Breitbart, who claims that the picture was sent to one of the women Weiner corresponded with. The picture was shown by Breitbart to hosts of the show Sirius XM radio's Opie and Anthony Show from where it traveled to Gawker.

While the engorged male genital in gray wraps snap created a tattle-gate on Twitter, it is evident that Apple scored on Twitter by unwrapping better wares - like iCloud, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion at WWDC - than Anthony Weiner's.