A moving van was reportedly photographed outside the Ashton Kutcher-Demi Moore home in the Los Angeles area Thursday, which fueled the rumor of the couple's split.

However, the moving van that supposedly took stuff from the couple's house didn't go there at all, according to TMZ.

The agency that circulated the photo of the van on the Web said the vehicle had gone to Moore and Kutcher's place.

But a representative of both Moore and Kutcher told TMZ that the van had not been at their house. In fact, it had not even been on their street, and the news of Moore and Kutcher leaving the house was completely fabricated, the rep added.

The agency that distributed the photos said the van had been spotted moving out of their L.A.-area home and that it was evidence the couple was separating.

The couple's six-year marriage has reportedly been put to the test by Kutcher's alleged affair with 22-year-old Sara Leal.

Leal, who broke her silence recently, said Kutcher had met her at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego and twice had unprotected sex on his sixth wedding anniversary.

It is still not clear whether the couple is separated or not, but Kutcher hasn't moved out his belongings from the house at this point.