Apple's highly-anticipated iPhone 5 may very well be unveiled at a company press event on Sept. 7, as one media company has reported. Apple would also likely reveal an update to its iPod line that day, according to the report.

With Apple's iPhone you never know, since there's always a steady stream of rumors speculating on the product's release date and attributes. But this one has merit, as rumors, qualified reports and information from Apple's historic tendencies suggest the company may in fact unveil the iPhone 5 at the planned media event.

The Japanese news tech site Kodowarsian reported this week that Apple has a media event planned for that day to announce the company's new line of iPods, and that the company is likely to also reveal the iPhone 5.

The news site has apparently accurately reported Apple rumors in recent years, and the Sept. 7 date does fall in line with Apple's historic pattern of releasing iPods in early September. 

Typically, though, Apple has revealed its latest iPhone model at its WWDC conference held in June. But that didn't happen this year, further fueling the speculation of an early fall iPhone release.

Some industry observers suggest Apple, dominating both the global smartphone and tablet markets with its iPhone and iPad, wants to release its new iPhone in early September, and in new iPad in the late fall -- giving the company a knockout one-two punch into the holidays and to end the sales year.

Based on that logic, and Apple's product-release history, it makes sense that the company would reveal its new iPhone at the same time it reveals its new line of iPods. Apple has sold more than 110 million iPhones since first launching the product in 2007, and for the first time more than a year has passed since the company released a new or updated product.

Recent reports and polls suggest Apple's dominance of the global smartphone market will only grow, substantially, with the release of the iPhone 5. One poll reported, for instance, that more than 80 percent of global consumers want the new iPhone.

But one reason the company might use the iPod media event to showcase the new iPhone is that iPod sales have been dropping due to the iPhone's success. The iPhone has an iPod feature, and as memory for the smartphone product expands with updates, users can store more songs on the communication device, lessening demand for the iPod.

Recent Apple sales results have shown, for instance, that as smartphone, tablet and laptop sales have grown, sales of Apple's iPod have declined primarily due to success of the iPhone.

Some reports have suggested that Apple will reveal an upgrade to the iPod at the Sept. 7 event that includes a new 1.3 megapixel camera.

Apple could also reveal the company is scaling back the iPod family, and putting more power in its iPhone line -- combining the best of both worlds.

If that's the case, look for the anticipated reveal and launch of Apple's new iPhone coming soon along with updates of the company's iPod lineup, since Sept. 7 is right around the corner.