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Oriana Schwindt covers the business of television for the Media, Tech, and Culture team. She has been plotting her House of Cards-style ascension to Ruler of All Television since she was 13, and she has yet to meet a low-rated TV show she didn't like.

Dish Network T-Mobile merger

Pay TV’s Unsung Hero

No other company besides Dish Network shows the same willingness to fight higher fees, at the cost of huge programming blackouts.

Netflix Isn’t Killing Cable TV Yet

Subscription-only online video services in the U.S. — Netflix and the like — will be raking in $10.4 billion a year by 2020, but traditional TV is still king, says a report.



Twitter Wants to Smyte Trolls

Three-year-old start-up Smyte's technology works by monitoring data feeds and leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in an effort to flag and label potentially inappropriate content.