“Resurrection” Season 2 episode 2 deepened the mystery of the Returned. Bellamy (Omar Epps) and Margaret (Michelle Fairley) may have just Returned themselves, but they're already jumping into other mysteries. Bellamy came across a new Returned while Margaret made some creepy discoveries of her own.

Sheriff Fred (Matt Craven) gave Bellamy an office inside a janitor’s closet since the government was forcing him on the town. However, Bellamy’s warm welcome was interrupted by an officer who reported seeing someone by Caleb’s hunting shack. In Season 1, Caleb was a homicidal Returned who disappeared into thin air. He was in a jail cell one minute and gone the next. Even his blood samples disappeared from their vials.

On the drive to the woods, Bellamy tried to assure Fred that he wasn’t hitting on Maggie (Devin Kelley). However, the Sheriff didn’t want to know anything about Bellamy’s relationship with his daughter. He didn’t even want Bellamy to think about her.

They didn’t find much by Caleb’s hunting shack. They had a deputy stay on the lookout while they went to talk to Elaine (Samaire Armstrong) and Jacob (Landon Gimenez).

Bellamy went to ask Jacob if he sensed Caleb, but first he ran into Margaret. She felt like she’d met him before. Bellamy told her that was impossible, but half the town has died, so it seems like they shouldn’t be calling anything impossible. Jacob said he didn’t sense Caleb.

Fred went to see Elaine and told her that her father Caleb might be back. Elaine desperately wanted her father back in Season 1, but she didn’t get her hopes up. She said that she knew her father wasn’t back. She called it a “gut feeling.”

Bellamy went back to the woods and found a deputy sleeping in the lookout post. He decided to take over and found two shells on the ground, causing him to have a flashback to getting shot. He remembered falling over and dying, but he couldn’t be distracted for too long. Bellamy saw someone approaching the shack. Bellamy went after him with his gun out, but it wasn’t Caleb.

“Please, I’m sick. You have to help me,” the man (Scott Michael Campbell) said.

Bellamy brought him to Maggie. His name was Arthur Holmes and he died in 1935. He was sick, but he wasn’t ill before his death. Everyone else who died came back healthy, and this was the first change in any of the patterns of the Returned.

Arthur died in a fire, much like Rachael’s (Kathleen Munroe) nightmare. She started screaming in the middle of the night as she dreamed about being burned alive. Tom (Mark Hildreth) held her as she calmed down, but he left her alone as soon as it started to feel a little romantic. That was probably a good call since his wife Janine (Lori Beth Sikes) decided to move back in with them.

Back at the clinic, Bellamy and Maggie decided not to check Holmes into a hospital. Bellamy didn’t want to report him before he got treatment. He didn’t have any family to claim him, so the government would take him away. Maggie agreed to protect him, but she warned Bellamy that his new job would come at a cost.

“Sooner or later, you’re going to have to do something for them you don’t want to,” Maggie said.

They discovered that Arthur was missing and assumed that Bellamy’s boss (Donna Murphy) was watching through security cameras. However, she said that she didn’t take him and Bellamy needed to find him. She told him that it was his own fault for not reporting a new Returned.

Maggie and Bellamy couldn’t find any clues except for Arthur’s blood. His blood samples were gone much like Caleb's. The vials were still in the fridge with his name, but they were clean. He may have disappeared just like Caleb.

Margaret had some bodies that she probably wishes would disappear into thin air. Throughout the episode, she noted how different everything was. She repeatedly told Jacob that no one else could understand them. She was happy that Maggie was a doctor, but she seemed disappointed that she didn’t feel the need to get married. She was angry at Henry (Kurtwood Smith) for letting the factory shut down. At the end of the episode, Margaret was in the old factory and pulling up old floorboards. She finally revealed several skeletons under the floor of the factory.

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