“Resurrection” Season 2 finally premiered on ABC, but it didn’t provide too many answers. The Returned are still a mystery. However, the “Resurrection” Season 2 premiere did answer one major question from last season: is Agent J. Martin Bellamy one of the Returned? Find out what we learned in “Resurrection” Season 2 episode 1:

Bellamy (Omar Epps) woke up on the side of the road with only a few memories. He remembered an officer hitting him in the face with a gun. He also remembered being detained, questioned by a mysterious woman and given some sort of shot. He went to the Langstons as soon as he woke up. He worried that the military took Jacob (Landon Gimenez), but Fred (Kurtwood Smith) and Lucille (Frances Fisher) showed him that Jacob was fine. The officers brought him home.

Bellamy realized that he had been gone a week. He went to call his boss Toni, but he spoke to someone else. They asked for his location and he hung up. Jacob asked Bellamy if he was okay, but then Bellamy started to feel a pain in his chest.

Rachael (Kathleen Munroe) was a month further along in her pregnancy than she thought. Tom (Mark Hildreth) was letting her stay with him in his guest room. After Maggie (Devin Kelley) examined Rachael, one of the nurses told her that her father was still calling. It appeared that Maggie wasn’t really on speaking terms with the Sheriff (Matt Craven).

Bellamy came to see Maggie after he had pain in his chest. She didn’t think there was much wrong with him. Her professional opinion was that it was just gas. She let Bellamy know that his stuff was at her place. The Inn had to clear the room after he didn’t return. Maggie offered her couch as a temporary home for Bellamy, and he reluctantly took her up on the offer.

No one really respected the Sheriff anymore. Military forces left the town, and they took away any Returned without loved ones in town. Other towns thought that the Returned were a hoax.

Maggie and Bellamy drank wine at her house and finally got to know each other. Despite spending plenty of time together, the two never really had the chance to sit down without investigating the Returned. Maggie noticed that the Returned made everyone question their beliefs. The two got into a discussion about people’s beliefs, but a phone call interrupted them.

Bellamy’s boss Toni called to set up a meeting. She promised him answers, but she wouldn’t stay on the phone long enough for Bellamy to even get a word in.

In the middle of the night, Jacob went out to the cemetery. He saw a woman (Michelle Fairley) who asked him what happened. “I died but then I came back," Jacob said. "Just like you, Grandma.”

Jacob was eating his breakfast the next morning when Henry came downstairs. He saw a woman working in the backyard and assumed it was Lucille—until Lucille came downstairs. Henry went out to the garden and almost cried when he realized it was his mother, Margaret Langston.

In town, Maggie was approached by her father. He thought she was mad about something her mother said about him, but she told him that she was furious that he tried to take away the Returned. When Bellamy asked if there was a problem, Fred tried to go after him. He took off his gun holster and tried to tackle Bellamy, but Bellamy just put him in a hold.

“Next time you assault someone, try being sober,” Bellamy said.

Margaret asked to see Fred, but Henry explained that Fred thought the Returned were dangerous. She was shocked to hear that Fred tried to have Jacob taken away. Henry attempted to call Fred and tell him that their mother returned.

“It’s not her,” Fred said and returned to his drink at the bar.

Maggie’s friend Elaine (Samaire Armstrong) was serving him, and she decided to drive him home. Fred had her turn on the police car’s sirens and speed, and they went to the old factory to throw rocks at windows. He showed her the F + B that was faded in one of the windows. He and Barbara used to come to the factory and stare at the stars. Elaine started to talk about how crazy the last few weeks with the Returned had been when Fred tried to kiss her neck. Elaine decided to bring him home.

Bellamy went to Toni’s designated meeting place—but it was a trap. He could tell which people in the crowded bar were agents and made a run for it.

Margaret asked her grandson how he knew how to find her. He said he had a dream and a feeling that she was back. Margaret warned him that he shouldn’t tell people about that gift.

Henry talked to his mom about all the changes around them. Margaret said that some things clearly hadn’t changed. She thought Fred hated her. She said he never visited her in the hospital when she was dying. Henry told her that Fred was there every day. He could never make it into the room, but sometimes he watched her from the doorway.

Meanwhile, Bellamy approached Toni in a parking garage. He asked her why she set him up, and Toni thought he was crazy. Her bosses said that he escaped psychiatric evaluation and was mentally unstable. She truly believed that the Returned were a hoax and Bellamy wanted her to realize that this was a government cover up. However, she believed that Bellamy was still unstable from the last time he worked with a child. A 9-year-old had been killed on one of Bellamy’s cases prior to the incident with the Returned. No one thought he was stable enough to return to work. Bellamy ignored his chest pain again and walked away.

Back in Arcadia, Fred wanted to kill himself. He had a gun in his hands when his mother came into the room. He claimed she wasn’t real. She slapped him and said, “It’s me, Frederick.”

He denied her again and asked, “Who am I? Who am I? Say it.”

“Ma,” he said.

“That’s right,” she said as she pulled the gun out of his hand. “It’s going to be okay now. Mama’s here.”

Bellamy went back to his apartment after confronting Toni. The agent from his questioning and the bar (Donna Murphy) was in his living room. She refused to answer Bellamy’s questions about the Returned.

“You have a certain expertise in the area of the Returned,” the woman said. “And they trust you in Arcadia. You’ll go back there. Keep an eye on things--on them--and report back to us from time to time. Consider it a reassignment.”

She explained that he would only be told what he needed to know. Bellamy told her that he couldn’t trust her. She drugged him and messed with his memory. She realized that he didn’t know something very important and just said that they would be in touch. Bellamy said he wouldn’t be taking the job.

“You can refuse, of course,” she said. “We’ll just put you with the rest of them.”

Bellamy had a flashback to his time being questioned. He had a struggle with an officer where he tried to steal a gun. He was fatally shot. Then Bellamy’s body was shown in a morgue. His toe tag had the label “Returned.”

Agent Bellamy is officially a Returned.

“Resurrection” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC. Were you surprised that Bellamy turned out to be a Returned or did you see that coming? Sound off in the comments section below!