For fans of “The Returned” it often feels like there are more questions than answers. But time is running out on the SundanceTV series, which is also known as “Les Revenants” in French. Fortunately, the Season 2 finale wasted no time in dropping some major bombshells on viewers. Check out the biggest shockers from episode 8:

36 Years Ago

Episode 8, titled “The Returned,” starts with a flashback to 36 years ago – before the first time the dam broke. Lucy (Ana Girardot) walks into a bar that appears to be owned by Milan (Michaël Abiteboul). But the two don’t know each other. She’s new in town and looking for work – the same story that she told Toni (Grégory Gadebois) at the Lake Pub when viewers first met her in Season 1.

She tells him that she came to town to look for someone — a little boy. Milan can’t offer her work, but he’s definitely intrigued by her. When she says she’s from a “very long way away,” he offers to buy her a drink and “look after” her.

Lucy’s Failure

Alcide (Guillaume Marquet) brings Simon (Pierre Perrier) and Adèle’s (Clotilde Hesme) baby to Lucy, who is at Adèle’s old house. But Lucy isn’t thrilled to see the child. In fact, she tells Alcide that it’s too late because she already lost the returned.

After she decided to seek revenge on Milan, the others lost trust in her. She explains that she was meant to protect all of the returned – and now she has failed.

Victor’s New Mission

Berg (Laurent Lucas) and his father Etienne (Aurèlien Recoing) find Victor (Swann Nambotin) coloring in the room where he previously left all of his drawings. Etienne recognizes him and acknowledges that he didn’t listen when Victor warned him about the dam breaking. But both Berg and Etienne are ready to help now, and that means finding Julie (Céline Sallette). Victor draws a photo of Julie lying dead in front of Milan and a woman. He tells them that he can’t change things, but Berg promises to help him try.

Audrey’s Hunger

Julie is locked in the basement of the Helping Hand with Sandrine (Constance Dollé) and Audrey (Armande Boulanger) – but Sandrine is dead. Audrey initially cries over her mother’s body, but when Julie wakes next she discovers Audrey eating her mother’s corpse.

Horrified watching Audrey eat Sandrine, Julie bangs on the door to alert a guard. A man enters and immediately shoots Audrey.

Frederic v. Claire Showdown

While trying to flee town, the Seguret family runs into Frédéric (Matila Malliarakis) and some others from the Helping Hand. Claire (Anne Consigny) and Frederic both pull out guns despite Camille’s (Yara Pilartz) efforts to ease the situation. But ultimately Frédéric pulls the trigger and fires at Camille, causing Claire to shoot him.

Jerome speeds off with Camille in the back seat in order to get her help, but just as at the beginning of the season, the road mysteriously turns into dirt and disappears. The Seguret’s and Chloé (Brune Martin) are now stuck in the woods, and Camille is no longer breathing.

Things continue to unravel at the Helping Hand after the death of Sandrine. The others who blindly followed Pierre (Jean-François Sivadier) after the second flood now realize that they might not be safe with him. They blame him for Sandrine’s death and a majority decides to leave.

The Returned

A large group forms outside Adèle’s home, where Lucy is currently with Alcide and the baby. They came back to Lucy because of the baby. “They trust him,” she explains to Alcide.

Other groups of the returned come for Madame Costa (Laetitia de Fombelle) and the women staying at Serge (Guillaume Gouix) and Toni’s (Grégory Gadebois) house. Virgil (Ernst Umhauer)leads a separate group to find Camille.

“Do something, I beg you,” an upset Lena tells Virgil, who is standing over Camille’s body.

The family watches in surprise as Camille opens her eyes. But just because she’s alive, doesn’t mean that they can return to being a happy family. She says goodbye to her parents and sister, telling them that she has to go and won’t be alone.

Les Revenants Season 2 finale The Seguret family is forced to say goodbye to their beloved Camille in the Season 2 finale of "Les Revenants." Photo: SundanceTV

The Truth About The Returned

The fallout of the returned has left Pierre alone. He’s standing over Sandrine’s body when Berg, Etienne and Victor show up at the Helping Hand. Etienne might not recognize his own son, but he does know exactly who Pierre is.

“You were with us in the clearing,” Etienne says to him before asking about Milan.

Frightened by this familiar face from his past, Pierre asks Etienne if he returned to take revenge. But Pierre tells him the truth.

“No one wants revenge,” he explains. “We are as you want to see us.”

Julie And Victor’s Reunion

As Etienne confronts Pierre, Victor sneaks off to the basement to free Julie. It’s a happy reunion, but it doesn’t last long. When they get upstairs they discover that a large group of the returned have come for Etienne and Victor. Etienne knows that it’s time for him to go – despite Berg not being ready to say goodbye – but it doesn’t appear as if Victor wants to leave Julie. The two head in the opposite direction, away from the returned.

Pierre’s Fate

After his reunion with Etienne, Pierre seeks out Milan at his old bar. “Les Revenants” viewers will remember that Pierre was the only member of Milan’s cult who didn’t commit suicide 35 years ago. Now after all these years, Pierre believes that Milan was “right” and that he should have taken the next step to “save himself.” But Milan doesn’t agree anymore. He tells Pierre that he was wrong and that dying doesn’t make any sense because he’s alone.

“You won’t be alone anymore,” Pierre promises.

The Helping Hand leader takes out a gun and shoots himself in the head.

Les Revenants Season 2 Pierre (Jean-François Sivadier) took his own life in the Season 2 finale of "Les Revenants." Photo: SundanceTV

The Cave People

After passing out from exhaustion, Adèle wakes up outside of a cave in the woods. Simon explains that it was one of the places that the returned hid before they moved into the development. He wants to go in to search for Lucy and Nathan, and Adèle accompanies him.

The two get separated while inside, – but Adèle’s not alone. She’s horrified to find a disfigured man standing in front of her. Although initially frightened, she follows him when he takes her hand.

Another Flashback 35 Years Ago

Another flashback to 35 years ago shows Victor’s adopted father after his wife and two sons were shot. He returns home after visiting their grave and is shocked to find Victor coloring in his room. Victor confirms that he’s dead and asks his dad not to tell anyone that he’s there.

For years his father kept his secret as he continued coloring, and adding bizarre and scary pictures predicting the future to his wall. However, one day, when his father is elderly, he had a heart attack.

“You must return, dad,” Victor told him, visibly upset to see him unconscious on the floor.

And it appears that Victor’s wish is how the others came back to life in town. The flashback cuts to Camille and Simon, revealing that they returned the same day that Victor begged for his father to come back. But Victor couldn’t stay long enough in the house to watch his father open his eyes. He was forced to flee when an ambulance arrived at the house.

The Trade

While Julie tried to flee from the returned with Victor, there was no running from Lucy. She finds the two and tells Julie that Victor has to come with her because it’s Victor’s job to “look after them.” Julie’s not ready to say goodbye, but Victor knows what he has to do. He tells her that she’ll die if he stays with her.

Victor promises that she’ll be happy one day when he’s gone and that she’ll have a new boy to look after. And although Julie looks heartbroken, she agrees to let him go.

Lucy and Victor reunite with a majority of the other returned. However, there are still a few missing. Serge is in the tunnel where he used to kill people, an ugly wound on his arm spreading because he’s away from the others. Meanwhile, Adèle, who is now wearing a white dress, meets back up with Simon and holds his hand as they look outside of the cave.

But in the end it all comes down to Victor and the sinkhole. Lucy makes him come to the front of the group and once again reminds him that everyone is counting on him. But something changes when he sees Adèle’s baby.

“He can’t come with us,” he explains to Lucy. “He’s like me. You must look after him.”

Unfortunately fans don’t fully understand what that means because the moment is interrupted by Julie. Despite leaving him just a short while before, she shows up to the sinkhole and confesses that she can’t live without Victor.

That’s when Etienne drops a bombshell on Victor – “If you want, you can change things … She believes you.”

Julie takes that moment to jump into the sinkhole, but Victor closes his eyes and imagines her on the beach. In his old dream of Julie on the beach, she’s helping another young boy dry off. However, in this vision, he’s the little boy that she’s with. When he opens his eyes the other returned are gone and Julie is lying on the ground near him.

Somehow Victor managed to change things. The sinkhole is now full of water and Julie is alive. He gets his dream of spending time with Julie by the lake, but his world begins to spin when he hears the cry of a baby.

The Season 2 finale of “Les Revenants” cuts to Lucy dropping off baby Nathan at what looks like the former home she used to stay at with the returned. She knocks on the door and leaves the baby for the home owners to find.

Les Revenants Season 2 Victor (Swann Nambotin) was able to stay with Julie (Céline Sallette) in the Season 2 finale of "Les Revenants." Photo: SundanceTV