The past three seasons of the hit ABC drama “Revenge” have been completely bananas – especially that Season 3 finale. From David Clarke’s surprising return from the dead to Pascal's bloody interaction with a helicopter, it seems as if there’s nothing the writers of “Revenge” are unwilling to add into their already drama-stuffed script. Well, almost nothing.

During the 2014 ATX Festival executive producers Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts opened up to fans about what they thought was too over-the-top to slip into the series during the event’s panel.

“In the finale, one of the last scenes is in a graveyard,” Harberts said. “And Emily’s digging up a grave and Victoria slinks up behind her. Emily whacks her over the head with a shovel, and our initial impulse in the writer’s room was, 'Let’s have Emily bury Victoria alive.’”

As you can imagine, laughter filled the auditorium.

“And we we’re like, ‘Let’s see how we can get ourselves out of that at the end of the year,’” he said, adding that several of the writers called the pitch “nuts,” “crazy,” and “going too far.”

Berg then chimed in with another “Revenge” scene that was too insane for TV.

“Actually, there was [another] pitch that would not fly,” she began. “When Emily was digging and she says, ‘I know you’re out there.’ That Victoria would repel out of a tree. And we knew that would never see the light of day but …”

“That was too much,” Harberts added, before Nick Wechsler, who plays Jackson in the show, shouted his confession regarding the rejected scene.

Oh, how we would love to see Madeline Stowe come swooping down from an oak tree in her designer heels.

Revenge Season 3 finale Imagine Victoria swooping down from that tree in her designer heels? Photo: ABC/Colleen Hayes

“It has to fit into the story,” Berg explained as to why some scenes don’t make it into the series. “More often than not we’re trying to make it work within the context of the episode. The more surprising and unexpected the show gets, the more everyone seemed excited to get on board. So I think if we’re going to be really successful next year then we’ll be doing that more often.”

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