Can’t Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) catch a break? Now that one of her enemies has been killed off, two more have popped up in his place. And hear you me, Malcolm Black (Tommy Flanagan) has nothing on Emily’s most current foes.

According to the Season 4 promo video for episode 14, Margaux (Karine Vanasse) is gung-ho on seeing Emily pay for the death Daniel (Joshua Bowman).

“I need to expose Emily Throne,” the jilted journalist says in the trailer.

In episode 12 of “Revenge,” Victoria (Madeline Stowe) revealed the truth about how Daniel died. She explained that Daniel took a bullet for Emily, whose real name is Amanda Clarke. Margaux was furious. Did the father of her soon-to-be-born child really sacrifice himself for mastermind manipulator and liar?

That’s when Margaux decided to even the score. In episode 13, she hired a private investigator that her father once used to dig up dirt on the seemingly spotless Emily. She then let Victoria in on her menacing plan. But Victoria, surprisingly enough, tried to talk the woman pregnant with her grandchild out of her vengeance-seeking journey. Instead, Victoria explained that revenge is a messy game. But Margaux wouldn’t hear of it. That’s when Victoria hinted that if Margaux really wanted justice, she would need to find evidence against Emily that was irrefutable.

Margaux isn’t the only Hamptonite out for Emily’s blood. It was revealed in episode 13 that Louise (Elena Satine) also wants to see Emily’s head delivered to her on a silver platter.

Emily discovered that the medication Louise was being given by the family doctor was what was causing her hallucinations and erratic behavior. That’s when Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and Louise came to the assumption that the reason Louise was being drugged was so that her family could hold financial authority over her inheritance after proving Louise was too crazy for that kind of responsibility.

So, Nolan uncovered that the only way to prevent Louise’s fortune from being stolen by her family was through conservatorship. That meant Nolan would have to marry the crazy red head he calls a friend.

But as it turned out, Louise’s mother explained the reason she medicated her daughter all these years wasn’t to steal her money but to help Louise forget her grim past. Apparently, Louise had murdered her father and her mom only wanted to erase those gruesome memories from her head. That’s when Louise decided she would get even with Emily for making her confront her demons.

What do you think will happen in Season 4, episode 14 of “Revenge”? Will Emily finally meet a foe strong enough to take her down? Sound off in the comments section below before “Kindred” airs Sunday, Jan. 25, at 10 p.m. EST.