Episode 13 of "Revenge" Season 4 will air on Sunday, Jan. 18, and according to the synopsis for “Abduction,” fans should anticipate nonstop drama. The upcoming installment will focus heavily on the storyline of Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria (Madeline Stowe) trying to escape the clutches of Malcolm Black (Tommy Flanagan). But that's not the only plotline viewers can look forward to.

During an interview with TVLine, Gabriel Mann, who plays the lovable and witty character Nolan Ross on the hit ABC series, teased that not everything will be centered around his blond bestie during the second half of the fourth season.

“There’s something hugely big for Nolan that we’re literally on the precipice of,” the actor teased during the interview. “I think it changes the course of Season 4 for him.”

Mann elaborated that his climactic story line may have something to do with the mentally unstable and heavily drugged redhead living in his house. “[He’s] going to delve into Louise’s (Elena Satine) world and see all the baggage she brings with her," he added.

It was revealed in episode 12 that there’s a reason for Louise’s crazy rants with ghosts and unexplainable, violent outbursts. During “Madness,” Emily discovered that the pills Louise was taking, prescribed by her family doctor, were actually a mix of Xanax and Lariam, which reportedly causes confusion and hallucinations. Apparently Louise’s family had been drugging her to making her seem insane, so they could take control of her hefty inheritance.

Nolan confronted Louise’s brother, Lyman (Sebastian Pigott), about the medication. Lyman, an alleged manipulative politician who made his Hamptons debut in episode 12, pleaded the fifth, claiming he had no idea his sister was being drugged. But not even a savvy politician could fool Nolan. Nolan threatened to ruin Lyman’s political career over the unfair treatment of his sister.

This story line came as a shock to fans who previously theorized that the dapper Lyman might have been a potential suitor for Nolan. But in an interview with TVLine, Mann told fans not to give up on Nolan’s love life. “This season, I thought Nolan needed to take a little bit of a break … but [his love life] is not going to be dry for a whole lot longer," he promised.

Could this mean Lyman might still have a shot at winning Nolan’s heart? Maybe he truly didn’t know about his sister being drugged after all.

Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on who Nolan’s new lover could be and make sure to tune in to “Revenge” when episode 13 of Season 4 airs Sunday, Jan. 18, at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.