Is it January yet? “Revenge” will return for its season 4 midseason premiere on Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015. And you can bet the ABC series will be ringing in the new year with new drama. “Revenge” will attempt to pick up the pieces after the show’s most devastating character death. In the winter finale, Daniel (Joshua Bowman) met his ultimate demise when he heroically took a bullet for his ex-wife Emily (Emily Vancamp). His murderer was Agent Kate Taylor (Courtney Ford), the daughter of David’s (James Tupper) captor and torturer Malcolm Black.

After Kate fatally wounded Daniel, who arrived in the nick of time to rescue Emily, Jack (Nick Weschler) showed up to the Hampton’s home to put an end to the madness. He fired a few rounds into his beau before Kate hit the floor.

The title of episode 11, “Epitaph,” which is another word for elegy, makes it sound as if the midseason premiere will focus around the permanent departure of Daniel. However, his death will be quickly overshadowed with David’s new plan of action.

“You’re going to kill Victoria (Madeline Stowe)?” Emily asks in the episode 11 promo video as her father responds with a nod. In episode 10, Victoria finally came clean about how she was the one who betrayed David, throwing him under the bus when Conrad (Henry Czerny) was looking for a scapegoat for the terrorist attack.

Emily’s startled reaction to her father's admission is rather surprising considering she has craved Victoria’s demise for decades. So, why is she suddenly concerned with her arch nemesis’ safety? Perhaps the fact that Victoria’s son gave up his life for her is putting a damper on her devious plans.

In the 20-second trailer, a flash of scenes from the Season 4 Midseason Premiere tease what’s next for the ABC drama. One of the clips shows Victoria and David getting physical with one another. David attempts to restrain Victoria after she slaps him hard across the face. Perhaps David provoked her with a cunning remark to Victoria’s teary statement: “My son gave his life for your daughter’s. Now he’s gone.” 

Do you think David will follow through with his plan to kill Victoria in the Season 4 midseason premiere of “Revenge”? Sound off in the comments section below before the ABC series returns Sunday, Jan. 4, at 10 p.m. EST.