“Revenge” left us with chills during the Season 4 winter finale of the hit ABC series. Prior to the airing of episode 10 it was teased a character from the drama would die in “Atonement.” Curious to find out which Hamptonite met the Grim Reaper in Sunday’s installment? Check our recap below!

The episode began with Victoria (Madeline Stowe) and David (James Tupper) arguing over how to handle the Malcolm Black situation. While Victoria (Madeline Stowe) begged David to seek Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) help, David revealed he had another way of dealing with his arch nemesis -- and it didn’t involve endangering his daughter.

They weren’t the only ones unable to see eye-to-eye. Margaux (Karine Vanasse) and Daniel (Joshua Bowman) found themselves in a heated conversation regarding whether their new family would consist of three members or two.

“I can’t trust the man you’ve become. Especially when someone else’s life depends on it,” Margaux said to her baby daddy, explaining why he can’t be their child's father.

As the duo argued, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and Emily tried to dig up dirt from Agent Kate Taylor’s (Courtney Ford) past. But as it turns out, Agent Kate is pretty clean -- or so Nolan thought. Emily, on the other hand, doubted Jack’s (Nick Wechsler) belle was as innocent as she looked.

“I trust my instincts, Nolan,” she said.

And Emily was right. Well, sort of. Agent Kate was anything but clean in episode 10 -- especially after her sweaty run through the park with Jack. After burning some calories and sharing a steamy kiss, Jack invited his new, fit gal pal to Nolan and Louise’s (Elena Satine) bash.

But before the fiesta, Emily gave her long-time friend some news that put a damper on the night. She explained who really held her father captive all those years and dished she thought Agent Kate was somehow involved in David’s torture.

While Emily tried to warn Jack of his romantic blunder, Victoria attempted to prevent Margaux from making one. The two discussed Margaux’s pregnancy and what this would mean for their growing family. Margaux explained her feelings on being a single mother, which Victoria rebutted:

“No matter how capable a mother, a child deserves a father,” she said. Could this apply to Victoria’s feeling for David and Emily?

As Lonad88’s party became a Twitter trending sensation, David made a secret appearance during Nolan and Louise’s gathering to give his daughter a warning. He pleaded with her not to come running to his rescue when she heard he was in trouble. As if, David!

But Emily’s daddy drama was put on hold when Jack walked through the door with Agent Kate on his arm. Nolan tried to defuse the situation -- literally -- by dousing their enemy with a cocktail. This allowed Emily a moment to snag Kate’s phone while helping her clean up the mess. (Kate’s phone would help prove her partnership with Malcolm Black.)

But Kate is quicker than Emily thought. “I think you have my phone, Amanda,” she said, revealing what she planned on doing with the information of Emily's identity.

According to Kate, she had every intention of taking down Malcolm Black -- but she needed Emily’s help.

“What do I possibly have to gain by outing myself to you?” Kate asked, adding Malcolm was holding her mother hostage just like he held David captive.

“My house -- 30 minutes,” Emily replied.

Meanwhile, Margaux was trying to smooth things over with Daniel. She claimed she had made a mistake -- even adding she and the baby both need him in their lives. However, Daniel struggled the entire Season 4 winter finale with flashbacks from 2008. Daniel couldn’t help but revert to memories of his father telling him he wouldn’t amount to anything but for his last name.

As we waited to watch Emily and Kate’s late night rendezvous, viewers were shown an exciting scene between David and Victoria. The Grayson matriarch finally admitted to her love how she was the one who had betrayed him all those years ago. According to Victoria, David gave her reason to doubt him, saying his wife was dead when she wasn’t. That’s why she threw him under the bus when the terrorist attack occurred.

“I used you to get us out of it,” she said, apologizing profusely.

Finally, Kate showed up on Emily’s doorstop. And Emily, being the careful hostess she is, frisked her guest for weapons, which she found in the back of Kate’s pants.

Kate claimed the only chance they had of saving their parents was if they worked together -- so, Emily gave back the FBI agent's gun. That’s when Kate started breaking down her flawless plan on how she was going to take down Malcolm. Emily, however, had one concern with the smooth-sounding proposal.

“So, when did you plan on killing me?” she asked.

That’s when Kate slipped the gun out from her pants, claiming her plans had changed. She additionally added she wasn’t lying when she said her mother was with Malcolm: “She is with Malcolm but that’s because he’s my father,” she revealed, wondering what tipped Emily off.

“I never believed you,” Emily said. She then explained Kate’s cover was blown thanks to all the hidden cameras around her house. Kate went to shoot Emily, but little did she know her sticky-fingered enemy had already taken the bullets when she searched her at the door. The two then got into a fight, resulting in the duo tumbling over the railing and onto the floor, Emily on the bottom.

Kate got to the gun first as Emily attempted to crawl to safety. Daniel, who was reminiscing about dark moments between him and his father, saw his ex-wife in trouble. He rushed to her rescue but Emily screamed at him to run. It was too late. Daniel was shot in the chest by Kate.

“Why didn’t you run?” Emily asked him. That’s when an emotional soliloquy of Daniel saying he wanted to do something right for a change played.

As Daniel lay dying, Emily revealed their relationship wasn't all a lie. “Not with you,” she said.

Daniel wasn’t the only one to die in the Season 4 winter finale of “Revenge.” Jack fatally shot Kate in episode 10.

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