Who doesn’t love a little reality TV? Especially when the program you’re watching is stuffed to the brim with drama. That’s what fans of the hit ABC series “Revenge” can expect when episode 6 of the show’s fourth season airs on Sunday, Nov. 2.

David (James Tupper) will be taking his place in front of a live camera next week during “Damage” when he sits down for one of the most controversial interviews the world has seen -- and not just because he’ll be discussing his framing for a murderous terrorist attack. According to the summary, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and David will have a “very public reunion” during episode 6 that will end with fists flying.

So what will cause David to fly off the handle and into the face of someone who considers him a father? Well, of course, our suspicions immediately went to Victoria (Madeline Stowe). She always has something conniving up her designer sleeve -- especially when it comes to creating chaos between loved ones.

In the promo video for episode 6, fans can watch Nolan provoke Victoria just moments before David’s interview. “Oh, I just love live TV,” he says to the stone-faced Grayson matriarch. “You never know what’s going to happen.”

But it’s clear that what Nolan said agitated the Hampton’s socialite. Right after Nolan’s cunning remarks, she walks straight over to David to say a few final words before the cameras start to roll. “No matter what happens I will always be on your side,” Victoria says to the alleged love of her life.

But one of the most curious moments of episode 6 isn’t David partaking in the televised interview Margaux set up -- it’s Nolan also being asked to join the conversation. And from the looks of the promo photos, Nolan doesn’t look too comfortable getting hit with the hard questions.

revenge season 4 spoilers Nolan (Gabriel Mann) will get hit with the hard questions during David's (James Tupper) interview in Season 4, episode 6 of "Revenge." Photo: ABC

We wonder what kind of inquiries the journalist will be asking to get Nolan sweating. Could it possibly have something to do with Nolan’s visitations to David while he was in jail? Or maybe a question regarding his friendship with the allegedly deceased Amanda?

Either way, you can bet fans will be tuning in to “Revenge” on Sunday, Nov. 2, at 10 p.m. EST to see what will be going down in Season 4, episode 6.