The vengeance-seeking apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, now does it? “Revenge” continued its twisted Season 4 plot by having Emily (Emily VanCamp) resume her plan to reconnect with her father (James Tupper) in episode 5, “Repercussions.” But thanks to a few pesky Grayson’s, Emily’s anticipated daddy/daughter reunion will be put on hold. Talk about setting “Revenge” up for an intense Season 4 finale.

David had heard several swirling rumors about his allegedly dead daughter, which is why he asked Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) to bring him to his Amanda’s grave. But despite coming face-to-face with the tomb, David remained to have suspicions regarding what really happened to his daughter.

“Nothing really makes sense,” he said to Victoria. “I’m going to find out what really happened to my girl.”

David is so determined to find out the truth regarding his daughter that he’s was even willing to look past the fact that someone (with a moon shaped tattoo on his hand) tried to run him down in broad daylight. Because of David’s near-death experience, Victoria wanted him to flee the Hampton’s. But something managed to pull David closer and closer to shore -- and it was his very-much-alive daughter.

Emily is completely wrecked that Victoria had gotten to her father first. So, she decided the only way to stop the manipulative lies Victoria was spreading was to ask an unlikely source for a favor. However, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) wasn’t too keen on helping her big sis reconnect with their father. And instead of lending a helping hand, Charlotte sent Emily blindsided up to Victoria’s room for a little one-on-one (when Emily really thought she was going to meet with David).

Emily and Victoria got into the debate of what David will do when he learns Amanda Clarke has turned into a vengeance-filled woman with a personality to kill -- literally.

“I wonder what he’ll feel. Guilt? Shame? Your plan was perfect, Emily, say for one detail. Your father is alive and now you must live with the repercussions of what you’ve done," Victoria said to her nemesis of how David will react to those who have been killed in his name.

Victoria’s words rattled Emily for only a moment until Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) were able to help their friend get back on track. Among all the David-drama (him meeting his fake grandson and questioning Nolan about Amanda's financial crisis), Emily cleared her head and began to cook up a rather tasty plan to get her dad back from Victoria's clutches. But in order to do this, Emily needed to reach out to Margaux (Karine Vanasse) to help her with her current dilemma. She promised Margaux an exclusive interview with David if she convinced Daniel (Joshua Bowman) into giving David a deed to the house he once owned. This would help David, who was struggling with memories of his daughter, revisit his past and hopefully comet o the conclusion that Amanda is alive.

After David moved into the beach house (where he raised Amanda), Emily decided to give her father the space he needed to recover. She watched on as her father reminisced with a song they used to dance to many moons ago.

But the most exciting moment of episode 5 was when Charlotte stumbled out of a nightclub and into a cab with the same moon-shaped tattooed man who attempted to run down her dad. How’s that for a little daddy-drama?

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