Licensed games are usually hit or miss, which left many fans anxious about the reaction “Transformers Devastation.” While it might not get nominated for a game of the year award, it seems like reaction has been fairly positive so far, which should be good news for fans of “Transformers” and Platinum Games.

As of this writing, the overall score of “Transformers Devastation” is 78 in Metacritic, which is still considered positive as far as critical reaction is concerned. The game’s highest score is an 80, while its lowest score is 70, which is still a fairly solid rating as far as licensed games go.

Many praised the game’s fluid combat, which has been described as satisfying and easy to pick up. The graphics and character models were also received positively, with many loving the fact that the characters are based on the 80’s animated series, rather than the more recent Michael Bay films.

The game isn’t perfect, however, as a review from Destructoid has criticized the game’s price and lack of characters. The game is $49.99, which is 10 dollars cheaper than most current-gen games, but is still quite expensive for a short game with only five playable characters. While they all play differently, the disappointment comes from how many characters inhabit the “Transformers” universe and how many more of them could be added.

Another weakness is the game’s loot system, which is a nice touch, but doesn’t add too much to the core gameplay. Furthermore, managing said loot was described as a nightmare and added little depth to the game.

Overall however, “Transformers Devastation” has pleasantly surprised many critics and fans. Some were worried about how the game would do when a copy for review wasn’t sent to any major media outlets, but it looks like those fears were all for naught.

“Transformers Devastation” is now available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The colorful beat-em-up will surely please fans of the G1 “Transformers” show, as well as those who enjoy colorful action games in general. It’s also more proof that Platinum Games is a developer to watch out for.

Transformers: Devastation LAUNCH TRAILER (Credit: YouTube/TransformersGame)