On July 13th, dozens of arrests were made in Minsk during the latest round of silent protests against authorities in Belarus.

The flash-mob-style demonstrations have already become regular events in Belarus, called by Revolution Through the Social Networks, a grass-roots movements that claims thousands of supporters nationwide.

The government has banned the rallies, which feature novel forms of non-vocal protest, and used brutal force and tear gas in eliminating resistance, reports the Associated Press

On Wednesday, anti-government protesters were calling for the ouster of Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenko. 

Hundreds of demonstrators set the alarms on their cell phones to go off at 8 p.m. in a gesture calling for fellow Belarusians to wake up and resist Lukashenko's government, said AP

In Belarus, its worst financial crisis since the fall of the Soviet Union has stimulated public discontent, as its citizens experienced a recent panic buying of goods and huge lines at currency exchange offices. 

According to Belarusian.com, Thousands of mostly young people have taken to the streets in support of Revolution Through Social Networks initiative has been supported by mostly young people. The protests are organized via popular social networking sites, aiming at peacefully expressing dissatisfaction with the current economic and political situation in the country without any chants or political party affiliation, said the website.

Lukashenko, referred to as Europe's last dictator, said on July 3, the nation's Independence Day, We understand that the goal of these attacks is to sow uncertainty and alarm, to destroy social harmony, and in the end to bring us to our knees and bring to naught the achievements of our independence.  


Here is a photo slideshow of the flash mob. The protesters seem to be sure of their victory.


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