Rex Ryan’s love for his wife and his quarterback is more than skin-deep. A photograph taken Thursday shows a sunbathing Ryan sporting a tattoo of a woman, presumably his wife Michelle Ryan, wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey.

The photo of Ryan’s tattoo published by the New York Daily News while the New York Jets’ head coach is on vacation in the Bahamas has gone viral online, with many commenters chiming in on the rather interesting ink.

The tattoo is of a woman many presume to be Ryan’s wife, wearing a Jets green No. 6 jersey, the same number assigned to team quarterback Sanchez.

The media has had a field day with Ryan’s tattoo, with many writers remarking that the tattoo is the reason why Ryan has been so loyal to his quarterback despite a poor NFL season and calls for Tim Tebow, and even Greg McElroy, to take over as the starting quarterback of the Jets. 

The Daily News ran the photo of Ryan’s tattoo with two simple headlines, “Kinky Inky” and “Marked for Life,” dedicating both its front and back cover of Friday’s issue to Ryan’s tattoo.

NBC Sports' Pro Football Talk weighed in on the absurdity of the situation. It called Daily News sports columnist Gary Myers’ contention that Ryan's tattoo could affect the coach’s credibility with his players now that it has been revealed for all the world to see "hysterical and ridiculous." According to PFT, the matter should be treated as one that’s definitely odd, but also funny.

Given that the Jets make the pages of the New York newspapers for all the things they do on and off the field, it’s unsurprising the team -- and Ryan -- are the talk of the town because of another off-field event while their NFL season is over.