Even on vacation, Rex Ryan is making news.

The New York Jets head coach hasn’t addressed the media this week because he is on vacation with his wife in the Bahamas. While Ryan was taking in the sun, one reporter took a photo of the coach that is stirring up controversy.

The New York Daily News has published a picture of Ryan with an interesting tattoo on his right arm. The ink reveals a woman wearing nothing but a No.6 Jets jersey. The female on Ryan’s bicep is “Tebowing,” the pose that Tim Tebow made famous when he played for the Denver Broncos in 2011.

The tattoo doesn’t look like just any woman. The image appears to be of Ryan’s wife, Michelle, who is wearing Mark Sanchez’s jersey.

According to the Daily News, Ryan was startled when the reporter came up to him. He reportedly shouted an expletive and walked off with his wife.

This isn’t the first time that Ryan has made headlines, in regards to his wife. Two years ago, a foot fetish video starring Michelle was found on the internet. The voice of the man behind the camera sounded like Rex, but the coach refused to address the issue.

It’s unknown how long Ryan has had the tattoo, since it isn’t exposed when he’s on the sidelines. Some have suggested that it isn’t even permanent, and the coach got a fake tattoo to toy with the media.

Despite a 6-10 season and missing the playoffs for a second straight year, owner Woody Johnson announced Ryan will return as the teams head coach in 2013. Ryan has been criticized for keeping Sanchez as the starter for too long and not utilizing Tebow.

Ryan will most likely be asked about the tattoo when he speaks to the media on Tuesday.