Melissa Gorga and sister-in-law Teresa Giudice’s family feud finally came to a head during Sunday's Season 4 finale of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Their epic battle is over after Guidice has been essentially exiled from the Gorga’s lives, Us Weekly reported.

For those who haven’t been watching, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Gorga vs Giudice drama culminated when Gorga found out that Giudice had conspired with her friend Kim DePaola to make it appear that her husband that Gorga was once a stripper.

Giudice reached out to Gorga and tried to comfort her, by being the “understanding” sister-in-law. When they were at the Posche fashion show Giudice asked how Gorga knew Vrohidis, the man who was saying that Gorga danced for him at Lookers Gentlemen's Club in Elizabeth, N.J. Lookers.

That was when Gorga informed her “sister” that she was only a bartender at the place, and had only worked there for a mere week.

"I never believed Melissa was a stripper, but it just seems like a coinkie-dink." US Weekly quoted Giudice as saying, even though Gorga swore on her own children’s lives that she had never danced.

However, Gorga was informed about Giudice’s involvement when Vrohidis, a former manager at Lookers, was overheard talking to some of his patrons about Giudice and DePaola's plan to "blow the whistle on" Gorga.

The “plan” concerning Gorga’s alleged stripping had been in the making for two weeks and Jacqueline Laurita even received text messages about it.

"I can't help but think Kim D had a huge part in this," Gorga said.  "With Kim D setting me up, does Teresa mean to tell me she had no idea this was going on? I'm sorry, it's not adding up."

As Gorga, 33, was livid about the plan, Giudice, 40, maintained that she had nothing to do with it. Instead she insisted that "my conscience is clear."

But Giudice might change her attitude soon. When her brother, Joe Gorga, found out what his sister had done to his wife he allegedly sent her a text message that said "you are dead to me."