Amidst rampant rumors of a pregnant Ri Sol Ju, Kim Jong Un’s wife is rumored to have given birth over the holiday to a North Korean heir.

According to The Associated Press, media in Seoul and Pyongyang have speculated that Ri Sol Ju gave birth sometime between mid-December and New Year’s Day.

The wife of North Korea’s leader was last seen in a video broadcast on Dec. 17 wearing “a billowing black dress that covered what appeared to be a swollen belly,” The AP reported. Many were led to believe she was heavily pregnant with the child heir to North Korea at the memorial service for the late Kim Jong Il.

But then, Ri Sol Ju was seen on New Year’s Day during a televised state concert looking slim again in a tight dress with no signs of pregnancy, leading many to believe she had given birth since her last appearance.

The Telegraph reported that rumors were further fueled during the party on New Year’s Day when a performance of “When A Child Is Born” was sang by women at the party.

South Korean newspapers were rampant with before and after pregnancy photos, alleging Ri had given birth sometime during the two week period.

“The bulging stomach has gone down ... has Ri Sol-Ju given birth?” the daily Dong-A Ilbo reported, according to The Telegraph.

“Ri Sol-Ju with her tummy reduced in 11 days. Has she come out right after childbirth?” the Chosun Ilbo daily similarly wrote.

The Telegraph reported Ri’s marriage to Kim Jong Un became apparent last July when she accompanied him at several official events, just before Pyongyang confirmed their matrimony. However, South Korean media suggests the two were married in 2009 and already have one child, though this was never confirmed by Pyongyang.