Richard Hatch, who won fame and $1 million on the hit reality game series Survivor, was arrested on August 18 again, after giving an interview to NBC's Today Show.

Richard Hatch who won Survivor in 2000 was arrested a few hours after he appeared in an interview at NBC's Today Show that aired Tuesday, MSNBC reports today.

A Sheriff's deputy and an official arrived to Hatch's sisters' house where he has been living under house arrest and took him into custody, Hatch's sister ,Kristin, told Matt Lauer from the Today show in an interview on Wednesday.

I heard him tell Rich that he [Hatch] did an interview, and that's why he was going back to prison, Kristin Hatch told Lauer, MSNBC reports today. During four years in prison for evading taxes, Hatch, who is homosexual, was denied permission to give interviews but MSNBC reports that the producers of the Today show confirmed Hatch's interview was approved.

Hatch was taken to the Barnstable County Sheriff's Office in Bourne, Massachusetts. He was scheduled to be released from house arrest on October 7.

During his interview with Today's show Matt Lauer he said he is financially devastated because of payments to his lawyers.