A video of GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry, rambling and making jokes, has gone viral on YouTube.

The Texas governor spoke Friday to Cornerstone, an influential conservative group in New Hampshire. Video highlights of his remarks, facial expressions and hand gestures, interspersed with a plug for his flat tax plan, made the rounds this weekend.

At one point, Perry was given some maple syrup and he called it liquid gold.

If they print any more money in Washington, the gold is gonna be good, Perry says.

At one other point, he jokes about mottos like New Hampshire's Live Free or Die and Victory or Death, a rallying cry from Lt. Col. William B. Travis' letter to the people of Texas while under siege at the Alamo.

It was a great crowd, Perry told ABC News. I guess you can do anything you want with a video and make it look the way you want, but I felt good, felt great. I think the message got across very well, so it was a good speech.

Check out the video here.